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The Show Must Go On

Mùa 1

Tất cả các tập phim "It's My World"
Sunny Side Up "Don't Break Me"
Rooting for the Enemy "Rooting for the Enemy (bài hát)"
The Doctor Zone Files "Doctor Zone Theme Song"
The Note "I've Got No Excuses"
Rooting for the Enemy "Rooting for the Enemy (bài hát)"
Party of Peril "I Gotta Go"
Smooth Opera-tor "Music War", "The Show Must Go On"
The Wilder West "I Knew It"
Family Vacation "Murphy Family Vacation", "Horseface the Equestrian Barbarian"
Murphy's Lard "Welcome to Lard World"
Secrets and Pies "Chop Away at My Heart", "Suit of Armor"
Athledecamathalon "Athledecamathalon", "The Best Remaining"
The Substitute "Substitute Science Teacher", "Solid, Liquid and Gas"
We're Going to the Zoo "We're Going to the Zoo (bài hát)"
School Dance "I Need a Little TLC", "Just Roll With It"
Battle of the Bands "He Shall Be Our Leader", "Saw Away at My Heart", "A Bumpy Ride Tonight"
The Llama Incident "Llama", "Woodpecker"
Missing Milo "Pistachios", "I Can't Find You"
Disaster of My Dreams "Safety Czar", "Just Roll With It"
Perchance to Sleepwalk "Just Messing Around", "I'm Taking a Stroll"
Some Like it Yacht "On the Open Sea", "From Here to There"
Backward to School Night "Turnabout is Fair Play"
World Without Milo "World Without Milo (bài hát)"
Love Toboggan "Toboggan of Love"
The Island of Lost Dakotas "We're Going to the Zoo (bài hát)", "I'm All Tied Up"
Fungus Among Us "Time for Dr. Zone", "One Thing or Another"
Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium! "The Last Halloween"
A Christmas Peril "We're Going to the Zoo (bài hát)", "This is Really Happening", "Everybody is Here"

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