"Just Messing Around" là bài hát được chơi trong tập phim "Perchance to Sleepwalk", khi CavendishDakota đang tận hưởng ngày Thư giãn.

Lời bài hát

Don't look at me for the itinerary
I've got no agenda, no plans
Let's just keep it all arbitrary
And put it all in your hands.

Hey, we could do whatever you want
A park or a museum or a restaurant
You know, the one that has the spinach and the cheese croissant
Or we could just chill and be all nonchalant.

Check my schedule, I got nothing pressing
Nothing on my to-do list that needs addressing
Seems the way that the day's progressing
That we've got nothing to do but messing around.

Messing around
Messing around
Just messing around
(Just messing around)
Just messing around

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