"Music War" là đoạn nhạc thứ hai trong vở nhạc kịch thính phòng Mezzo Soprano, tại nhà hát thính phòng Danville. ("Smooth Opera-tor")

Lời bài hát

(Nhanh, hào hùng)
He's singing on our turf, you know, I think he wants to fight us
If he doesn't watch his step, I'm gonna give him laryngitis
It was just [...]

He'll be sleeping with a mackerel

(This is war)
That's not your call to make
(A music war)
This is a big mistake
(We're going to war)
Oh, why can't you see?
(A music war)
Stop singing over me!

This is war, a music war

(Chậm rãi)
Mezzo Soprano: That Baritone's a bother, he's not singing in my key
And now I've got this music war, it's such anxiety
Oh, where [...]
It keeps me wide awake at night and gives me panic attack

So I've come here to your office
To tell you all my thoughts
There's also issues with my mother...
Nữ ca sĩ: I'm afraid that's all the time we've got...

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