Abigail Chase
Abigail Chase Full
Gender: Female
Hometown: Danville
Professional Information
  Ol' Bessy
Friends and Family
Richard Chase
Melissa Chase
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Ticking Clock"
Even though I never knew her, I always felt a connection with great-grandma Abigail.

— Melissa Chase, "The Ticking Clock"

Abigail Chase is the great grandmother of Melissa Chase and creator of many clocks, including Ol' Bessy.


Abigail was a clockmaker and an inventor who'd built many clocks in her time. According to Melissa, she'd invented the first primitive version of texting. Abigail was the creator of Danville's clock, Ol' Bessie.

Physical Appearance

Abigail's face and eyes closely resemble her great-granddaughter's, to the point of having light colored eyes with pupils. She wore her thick hair tied up in a bun at the top of her head, with a single strand curling down the left side of her face in front of her ear. There is a single streak of lighter color running up through her hair.

She wore a dark, wide-brimmed hat with a light colored rim and a band with a small bow attached. She also wore a dress long enough to reach her ankles, with a white collar and a small bowtie. Her shoes were black, with high heels and two straps each.


In "The Ticking Clock", Melissa told Milo and Zack about Abigail, showing them her work as an inventor and a clockmaker. The three of them went on to try saving one of her clocks.



“Well, [Ol' Bessy] is kind of like family. She was built by my great grandmother, Abigail Chase.”
—Melissa Chase[source]

“-Not just a clock-maker, but a full-fledged inventor! She invented the first primitive version of texting. ”
—Melissa Chase about Abigail Chase[source]

“Even though I never knew her, I always felt a connection with great-grandma Abigail. And I was so proud every time I walked by that clock.”
—Melissa Chase[source]

“Grandma Abigail would be so proud!”
—Melissa Chase[source]


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