But first, I gotta warn you... if you find a glowing alien carburetor, do not touch it. It will turn your bones into a noodly liquid!

— Bob Block, "Parks and Wreck"


The Alien Carburetor is an alien device used to help run the main Octalian Ship. Upon being touched, it liquifies the inner bone structure, making it as weak as cooked noodles and causing the victim to collapse into a boneless blob for a few minutes.


The object is a small grey device big enough to fit in the palm of someone's hand. A portion of it is rectangular, with a cylindrical bit running directly through the center. A small, lighter grey piece sticks out from one corner, and there is a small hole on each corner of the rectangle.


The alien carburetor functions as an important part of the Octalian ship and its ability to function properly. It has the ability to, as stated by Bob Block, turn bones into a "noodly liquid" upon making contact to a being with bones. In essence, it liquifies the bone structure of the being in question, causing them to collapse into a heap, with no way to use their limbs.

The effect only lasts for a few minutes, however, and the bones solidify and restructure fairly quickly afterward. This makes the carburetor inconvenient, but ultimately harmless. In fact, one may find it even relaxing as, according to Heinz Doofenshmirtz, he lost all the stress in his shoulders after being affected.


In "Parks and Wreck", Doofenshmirtz finds the object while helping Dakota do his job as an alien trash collector. Upon touching it, he immediately collapses into a pile. Dakota later finds him and grabs the object himself. Eventually, the two of them are turned back to normal, and after Doofenshmirtz touches it once more, Dakota calls Mr. Block to report it.

In "Milo in Space", Dakota sees the shape of the missing piece while helping to fix the alien space ship in order to rescue Milo, who'd been abducted. Upon recognizing the shape, Dakota runs to the van and finds it, only for Cavendish to touch it and immediately collapse. The group pulls off a plan that involves passing the object to each other in a line to get it to where it needed to go before each of them lost their bones. It succeeds in getting the ship to run.



“Oooh, shiny! This looks... that's weird.”
—Heinz Doofenshmirtz[src]

“So is this just us now? We're blobs?”
—Vinnie Dakota[src]

“Oh, wow... it is hard to move when you have no bones. But on the plus side, it's very relaxing.”
—Heinz Doofenshmirtz[src]

“...But first, I gotta warn you; if you find a glowing alien carburetor, do not touch it. It will turn your bones into a noodly liquid!”
—Bob Block[src]

“During the crash, an important component appears to have fallen out... here! Without it, we'll never get this rust bucket working again.”
—Balthazar Cavendish[src]

“I think I may have just the thing! Doof and I picked this up on our rounds.”
—Vinnie Dakota[src]

“Y'know, we could have just used tongs, or a shovel or something to pick it up. Huh. Guess I should have thought about that five minutes ago.”
—Zack Underwood[src]


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