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The Alien Pilot is the pilot of the Octalian spacecraft seen in "Managing Murphy's Law".

He is voiced by Brock Powell.


The Alien Pilot dutifully reported his findings to the commander, but later attempted to steer her away from studying Milo too closely. He appears to respect her position, asking her what her orders were and even remaining close to Milo at her command in spite of his own words of warning.

He seems to be a nervous individual that is afraid of looking bad in front of his boss.

Physical Appearance

The Pilot is an orange-red Octalian. He wears a blue shirt with a red collar.


In "Managing Murphy's Law", he is seen being commanded by the Alien Commander to pursue Milo and gain information about his negative probability ions.

In "Abducting Murphy's Law", he's with the alien commander while they abduct Milo, and continues to play a part in the events afterward. The alien pilot activates the emergency escape pod when the ship takes too much damage, rescuing the Octalians and sending them home before the ship crashes.


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“During our routine scan of the planet, we experienced a glitch in our cloaking device. The source seems to be here.”
—Alien Pilot[src]

“Ma'am!... We're losin' power!”
—Alien Pilot[src]

“Uh oh, Brace for impact!...”
—Alien Pilot[src]

“Power stores returning to normal, ma'am. Your orders?”
—Alien Pilot[src]

“I'm glad we're all buddies now, but you need to stand away from my console.”
—Alien Pilot to Milo Murphy[src]

“Do something!”
“Do I look like I'm on vacation?!”
Alien Commander and Alien Pilot[src]

“That's it. I'm activating the escape pod!”
—Alien Pilot[src]