Gender: Males
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Going the Extra Milo"
You know, they are from out of town. Maybe they don't even realize they're inconveniencing us?

— Milo Murphy, Going the Extra Milo

These Aliens are a pair of extraterrestrials who make recurring appearances around Danville.


While they seem to speak primarily in an alien language, they were able to understand Milo and Zack when they tried to reason with them. The two of them had an interest in performing experiments on the students they had abducted, but they were just as willing to help them get to school instead.

They seem to have some experience around Earth, having recognized Lardee Boy's head when they hit it with their ship.

Physical Appearance

The aliens are humanoid in appearance, although their features are much less defined than those of humans. They have round heads with large eyes that are entirely dark blue in color. The aliens have no hair, and while one's body is entirely turquoise in color, the other is completely purple. They wear tops reminiscent of tank tops in purple and pink respectively.


They first appear in "Going the Extra Milo", when Milo and Zack land on top of their ship's skylight on their way to school. After bringing the two aboard their ship the aliens seemed ready to perform some sort of experiment on them until Zack informed them that he needed to get to school with Milo, at which point they teleported both students to their first-period class at Jefferson County Middle School moments before the bell.

In "Murphy's Lard", their ship crashed into the orbiting head of Lardee Boy, who they recognized. The collision caused Lardee Boy's head to fly back to Earth.

In "Snow Way Out", Zack and Milo fly over their ship, prompting one alien to make a comment about having come to warn them about something. The two of them then decide to go get nachos instead.

In "Pace Makes Waste", the vehicles from the race land on top of the alien's ship, causing it to spin out of control and crash into the river.



“You know, they are from out of town. Maybe they don't even realize they're inconveniencing us.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Uh, guys? Guys. Um, I realize you've come a long way. But we really need to get to school!”
—Zack Underwood[source]

“Did we just hit Lardee Boy's head?”
—One of the Aliens[source]


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Season 2

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