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I don't know, Melissa. Things get sort of messy around Milo, you know how I like order!

— Amanda Lopez, "Party of Peril"


— Amanda's catchphrase

Amanda Lopez is a 13-year-old student at Jefferson County Middle School and one of Milo's classmates. She is a very neat, careful, and organized person. She and Milo eventually become each other's love interests.

She is voiced by Chrissie Fit.


Amanda is incredibly obsessed with order, neatness, and perfection. She schedules every single minute of her day and works hard to keep everything going according to her own personal schedule. She used to avoid spending time around Milo to keep Murphy's Law from ruining things for her or many of her organized plans, though she tried to be as nice to him as possible while avoiding him.

School Dance 44

When things do go horribly wrong, Amanda tends to get immensely stressed out very quickly. She had trouble breathing when the opera she'd attended with Milo and his friends started falling to pieces, nearly fainting in the process, and also panicked when everything went wrong at the school dance. Amanda can be heard shrieking at the top of her lungs when the power accidentally went out at the dance. Afterward, Milo found her lying on her back in despair, where she weakly complained about the wreckage.

She's very good at organizing numerous events and has done so on a number of occasions. She was in charge of both Milo's birthday party, and the school dance. During these events, she dedicates all of her time to making sure that things go exactly as planned. She also considers rules important. When a sentient blob was rampaging in science class, she angrily complained to the teacher that it was texting in class.

Amanda puts having fun behind making sure things are in order, to the extent that she assigned her best friend, Lydia, to have fun for her. Her attitude towards being perfectly prepared, and towards Murphy's Law in general, however, seems to have calmed down towards the end of season one. She can be seen riding a wave of water with Lydia during the Battle of the Bands, where she is enjoying herself with her in spite of the chaos.

Physical Appearance[]

Amanda has an olive skin tone and dark brown eyes with visible eyelashes. Her shoulder-length hair is a deep burgundy color and is very straight, held back with a magenta headband, with perfectly even bangs that cover her eyebrows.

She wears deep pink lipstick and light pink small spherical earrings. She often sports an open, bright pink cardigan with magenta striped lining on the thick shawl collar, as well as a white long-sleeved crop top underneath. Her pants are the same color as her headband, with a darker colored belt, a light pink belt buckle, and cuffs that match the color of her jacket. Her shoes are light pink flats with much darker soles.


  • Authority and Organization - Amanda tends to show various leadership skills, and easily gets others to obey her when put in charge, to the point of one of the students admitting to being scared of her. She assists Martin and Brigette in organizing Milo's birthday party as the appointed party planner, quickly giving many tasks to the attendees and bringing her own bubble machine for the occasion. She is also put in charge of the school's yearbook, instructing other students about the yearbook's layout, and also attends Picture Day to assist the photographer when students get their picture taken. Amanda has also signed up for leadership roles of at least four committees to carefully orchestrate the school dance, which includes decoration, refreshment, entertainment, and general committee supervision. Amanda also appointed herself as the band manager of Zack's band, and carefully orchestrated a benefit concert, roping in many characters with her phone to provide for instruments, electrical power and pyrotechnics, as well as staying determined to get the concert going despite Murphy's Law.
  • Precision - As a perfectionist, Amanda tends to be extremely precise, and aims to be as meticulous as possible in her projects. She is able to tell when a subway train arrives down to the second and can spot a photo border's thickness down to the millimeter. Amanda also keeps a daily schedule to enjoy her day to the fullest down to the last second. Her aim for precision mends well with her authoritarian skills to organize events to perfection.
  • Baking - As a fan of Cake 'Splosion and wanting to appear as a contestant on it since age 4, Amanda has shown to be a great pastry chef with her baked goods to feature a perfect moisture. Every morning, she has baked a cupcake modeled after Basil Bravo and kept it in her purse, in case she ever gets to meet her idol, in hopes to impress him. She and Milo appear on the show to craft a big friendship cake that they manage to keep intact until they trip over Diogee, but it turns out great and moist enough to win the competition.
  • Skateboarding - In "Cast Party", its revealed that Amanda can skateboard. She was heading over to Milo's house but then two mice quickly landed on her head, causing her to land in a bush and break one of her arms.


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Click here to view the history of Amanda Lopez.


Milo Murphy[]

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25 Milo woos Amanda

Amanda and Milo are on friendly terms, although Amanda is reserved about being around him due to his condition. Initially, Amanda largely avoided Milo over Murphy's Law. She tried not to be rude about it, though. Her love of organization made her even more nervous about his condition, and she often politely voiced her fears out loud, only growing more uncomfortable whenever he claimed that he'd help if anything went wrong. After watching him give an entertaining performance at the opera in spite of the destruction, she started a standing ovation and afterward even agreed to go for a pizza with Milo, Melissa, and Zack, but warned Milo not to push it when he brought up Murphy's law again.

Amanda ignored him when he tried to get her to have fun at the school dance she'd organized, as she felt it was more important to keep Murphy's Law from destroying the dance. When things finally did go as wrong as they possibly could, Amanda begged Milo not to try to fix the fuse box, only to give up when she realized things couldn't get worse. Upon finding out he'd not only fixed everything but vastly improved it, Amanda was surprised and delighted, profusely thanked him, and shyly asked him to dance with her. Milo said he'd love to after he was finished playing the accordion on the song he was performing with his friends. Amanda agreed to wait for him, and finally started to dance herself and relax.

At the Battle of the Bands, Amanda is seen having fun with Lydia in the midst of all the chaos, revealing a big change in the way she sees Murphy's Law.

Amanda and Milo later ended up being partners on Cake 'Splosion, her favorite TV baking show. Though initially horrified of what Murphy's Law would do and asking Milo to stay out of her way as much as possible, Amanda changed her mind after seeing how he was prepared for everything and how well she could work with him. She ultimately decided it was better to have him around, to his surprise and happiness. When they won the bake-off, she hugged him happily, which caused him to smile wide and blush and for her to gain a deeper appreciation for him.

After the Forget the Llamas, Save the Alpacas benefit concert, Amanda kissed Milo on the cheek, telling him even though being a band manager is tougher than she thought, he was worth it. She then said they were 'just getting started'. She has been affectionate with him ever since, showing that she has come to like him back. From there on out, she can often be seen hanging out with him and his friends.

Joni tries to flirt with Milo as she gives him back his runaway rocket, which he and Zack were about to enter in a rocket-building contest. A jealous Amanda notices this and when Milo leaves, she runs up to Joni, shakes Joni and cries out, "He's mine!"

At the Winter Break Awards, Amanda cheers out loud when Milo wins his trophy, genuinely happy and excited for him. She gets worried when Milo ends up in the basement of the auditorium due to Murphy's Law. She goes to look for him after the Awards and when she finds him, tells him she picked up his award for him, which he said was very nice of her. She ended up presenting Milo's Greatest Perseverance award to him and giving him another kiss on the cheek, causing him to smile at her from ear to ear. This confirms she now has feelings for him.

Melissa Chase[]

Melissa and Amanda (Parks and Wreck)

Amanda and Melissa are classmates, and are both a part of the same band, with Amanda as band manager and Melissa on the bass. While they were preparing to board the subway, she was quick to return to the ticketing booth to use her student discount for Melissa, who'd forgotten hers. Amanda is aware of Melissa's attempts to manipulate her dedication to perfection, and often calls her out on such occasions. While she'd initially turned down Melissa's request to have her help organize Milo's birthday party, she couldn't stand it when Melissa started talking about organizing a party without 'cohesive color schemes', and promptly gave in and agreed to go.

When Murphy's Law caused chaos at the opera and Amanda began to panic, Melissa tried to calm her down. Initially, Amanda ignored her attempts, even getting annoyed and saying 'don't you yoga me' after being told to take deep, calming breaths.

Later, they both get in an argument about who would do a better job cleaning Hamilton H. Park. This led to a contest between them. When the contest got interrupted by the two of them fighting over a hose, which caused it to turn on and ruin their work, they apologized to each other once they realized they were being too competitive. They remained good friends in the end.

Zack Underwood[]


Amanda and Zack are classmates, and both part of the same band, with her as manager and him on lead guitar. When he suggested she switch to tangerines instead of oranges in order to save time on her schedule, she responded that his words were noted. She outright denied his excitement to go play video games, instead notifying him that she was their band's new manager and that she'd set up a gig for that afternoon. When he complained that he wasn't sure about having a manager when they didn't even have a name, she ignored him, simply stating that the name was 'TBD'.


Amand Lydia floatin out

Amanda is best friends with Lydia and often spends time with her outside of class. She entrusted Lydia to have fun on her behalf during the school dance while Amanda was busy making sure everything was going smoothly. The two of them had fun listening to Just Getting Started during the Battle of the Bands. After becoming the new manager of Just Getting Started, Amanda texts Lydia to bring something for powering the equipment, and she did so immediately.

Mort Schaeffer[]

Amanda and Mort are classmates, and are both a part of the same band, with Amanda as band manager and Mort on drums. They were on the same team alongside Bradley during a group project, and during the school dance, Mort helped Amanda remove Milo's shoe from some glue. The two of them sat together and talked during Christmas Eve dinner with Milo, Melissa, and Zack's families.

Bradley Nicholson[]

Amanda and Bradley are classmates, and the two of them sit together on occasion. They were in the same group alongside Mort for a project and ended up doing fairly well on it in comparison to the rest of the class.


Amanda and Joni are classmates. They don't interact much, but when Joni had a 'moment' with Milo during lunch, it caused an angry Amanda ran up and began shaking her harshly while saying the words 'He's Mine!' repeatedly.


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“Your party planner has arrived with the bubble machine. Chaos is over. Order begins. You, cards on every table, color-coded by age, gender and cake preference. You with the funny hair, these banners should be all five feet from the ground. You, nail-biter, make sure all the utensils are parallel to each other. Step to it, people!”
—Amanda Lopez[src]
“What I love about opera is that it is so well rehearsed and predictable. And the thing is, there's just so much can go wrong... in this general area.”
—Amanda Lopez[src]
“My enjoyment hours are very precious to me, nothing can go wrong.”
—Amanda Lopez[src]
“When I see everything is going smoothly, I will have fun.”
—Amanda Lopez[src]
“I have to find out whose shoe this is. Whoever it is, fixed all of this. He's my hero.”
—Amanda Lopez[src]
“Yes, but the photo has to match the others in the yearbook. You have to have that exact backdrop and it has to be turned in by 6:00 p.m.”
—Amanda Lopez[src]
“It is going to be a disaster! There will be wolves with bees on their heads, lobos con abejas, and a dinosaur made of ham.”
—Amanda Lopez[src]
“I'm your new manager”
—Amanda Lopez[src]
“Band name: TBD. Meantime, pick up rehearsal right here, right now.”
—Amanda Lopez[src]


Season One[]

Season Two[]


  • Amanda Lopez shares some characteristics with Isabella Garcia-Shapiro from Phineas and Ferb. Both are Hispanic characters (Isabella specifically being Mexican-Jewish), wear an outfit mainly composed of a pink color scheme, and appear to be the love interest of their respective show's main titular character.
  • She is seen cheering for Slash in "Battle of the Bands". This could suggest that she is a fan of Slash's work.
  • She has the same first name as the future daughter of Candace Flynn and Jeremy Johnson.
  • Amanda was originally planned to be Caucasian, but after Disney asked if Dan and Swampy could integrate some diversity in the show, she was changed to be of Hispanic heritage.[1]


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