Cavendish has died several hundred times, but each time he does, Dakota travels back to the past to save him. This is a list of deaths that have been mentioned or shown alongside some potentially close calls.

Episode Image Cause
"Backward to School Night" BTSN 22 Hit by a car
"Love Toboggan" Screenshot (983) Speeding boiler
"The Island of Lost Dakotas" TIoLD (5) Crushed by an AC unit
TIoLD (50) Skiing down an expert level hill
TIoLD (53) Lava
TIoLD (58) Stepping into space without protective gear
TIoLD (63) Accidentally opening parachute too soon
TIoLD (64) Kicked by a horse
TIoLD (65) Hang glider malfunction
TIoLD (67) Eaten by T-rex
TIoLD (68) Falling off cliff
Cavplease Hit by a train
TIoLD (71) Falling into manhole
TIoLD (73) Crushed by mammoth
TIoLD (75) Quicksand
"Snow Way Out" SWO (123) Crushed by steam rollers
Devoured by racoons
Milked to death
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