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Today I, Basil Bravo, will be choosing two lucky baking bambinos for the greatest extreme cake baking show in the world!

— Basil Bravo, Cake 'Splosion!

Basil Bravo is the star of the extreme cake baking show, Cake 'Splosion!.

He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


Basil has a loud, charismatic personality. He isn't reserved about how much he loves himself and his show, and he values stunts he considers 'spectacular' and the moistness of a well-baked cake.

After choosing Milo and Amanda to be on his show, Basil cuts them short while they're introducing themselves, leading to his pronouncing their last names wrong. Jose refers to himself as 'Basil's long-suffering assistant'.

Physical Appearance

Basil Bravo has a strong, square jaw, brown eyes, and blond hair. He has broad shoulders and a thick neck. He wears a white chef shirt with six buttons on the front and rolled up sleeves alongside black pants and a pair of black and white sneakers.


In "Cake 'Splosion!", he visited Jefferson County Middle School to select two contestants for his show, choosing both Milo and Amanda. He goes on to host the competition, where he eventually judges the duo as the winners.



“So please welcome the star of Cake 'Splosion... Basil Bravo! ”
—Principal Milder[src]

“Wow, spectacular! And Basil Bravo loves spectacular!”
—Basil Bravo[src]

“Excuse me, Mr. Bravo? You should pick Amanda Lopez! She loves you, and your show!”
“She does?! Those are my two favorite things!”
Milo Murphy and Basil Bravo[src]



  • He's voiced by the same actor as Bobbi Fabulous from Love Händel.