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Beauregard is a Bernese Mountain Dog that enjoys chewing on pant legs.


Beauregard is shown to be very fond of food and will chase after anyones pant legs no matter what situation he is in.

Physical Appearance

He is covered in white, brown, and dark brown fur. His neck bears a blue collar with a gray tag. He also has brown eyes.


In "Dog Walker, Runner, Screamer", when Milo picks him up to give him his walk, he immediately jumps on Milo.

He then (accidentally) helps the other dogs to drag Milo across the sidewalk, but when his leash breaks and is separated from Milo, he knocks over a hot dog stand and eats most of the hot dogs from it. Milo then follows a trail of half eaten hot dogs to find Beauregard lying down on the ground dehydrated, but Milo quickly sets down a water bowl, which he drinks from. He then expresses his thankfulness by giving Milo a hug.

When Milo, him, and the other dogs get levitated by the mysterious orb, Milo motivates him to go chase after Cavendish and Dakota by pointing out Cavendish's pant leg, which he chases.



  • He is shown to eat over fifty hot dogs.