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This is Beek reporting near life support.

— Beek, Abducting Murphy's Law

Beek is a bright yellow Octalian that works under the Alien Commander's command.


Like most of the other Octalians aboard the ship, Beek was afraid of being in close proximity to Milo on account of Murphy's Law. He pushes the Alien Pilot to voice the crew's concerns about having Milo aboard to the Alien Commander and later tries to let her know that the inevitable disasters were what they'd tried to warn her about.

In spite of this, he goes into the vents when ordered to search for Milo alongside three other Octalians. Upon being rescued, he gains a new perspective on Milo and celebrates him with the others.

Physical Appearance[]

Beek is a bright yellow Octalian whose mouth is shaped in a notably beak-like structure, hence his name. Like the rest of the crew, he wears a deep blue uniform with a red, upturned collar and red highlights.


In "Abducting Murphy's Law", he, Loab, Khone, and Mantel are sent into their ship's vents to look for Milo Murphy. Like the others, he was unsure of going after Milo due to his negative probability ions. After being helped out by him though, Beek and his co-workers lose their fear of him.



“This is what we warned you about, ma'am! He's very high in calories! Uh, I mean... dibs on the feet!”
—Beek while his translator is malfunctioning[src]
“This is Beek reporting near life support.”
“It's moving! It's coming right at me!”
“I don't know!... Su--(static)--into shreds!.. (screams)