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Big Bertha (version 87.3-9) was the egg dropping contraption that Milo and co. created in Sunny Side Up, as a homework assignment for Ms. Murawski's second period Science class. It had a parachute timed to deploy after 1.5 seconds and compressed air plunges braced by interior bendy straws as its shock absorbers. In theory, it could survive nearly anything Murphy's Law could throw at it.


In science class, the next physics assessment was revealed to be the task of building a container to protect an egg that will be dropped off the roof of the school in science class. Milo, Zack, and Melissa immediately found themselves forming one of the teams as no one else wanted to work with Milo, fearing that Murphy's Law would make the task impassable and generally very dangerous.

After a weekend full of testing various container designs, the team developed Big Bertha. Big Bertha's test run was glowingly uneventful, safely carrying an egg to the ground from Milo's treehouse. It was immediately accepted as the container that would be used in the egg dropping test at school as it had been the only container that had protected its egg.

During the assessment at school, Big Bertha was hit by a delivery truck and was knocked around the local area, the team becoming increasingly unsure of their container's ability. After a long string of unlikely, rough, and unplanned for events, Big Bertha was dropped from a helicopter and struck the delivery truck with enough energy to destroy it and all the eggs it was delivering. Big Bertha did not survive the wreckage, but it did complete its task as the egg was found to be perfectly intact, earning the team an A.