• GreenHornet

    For my first blog post here, I think I'll do a Milo/Melissa short story which will soon be posted on I originally thought this up last June when the news of Toys R Us's demise broke. With the 1 year anniversary of their closure approaching, I think it's time I finished this.

    It was a bright May afternoon in Danville. School had let out for the day at Danville High and since it was Friday, Milo, Melissa and Zack were free from the pressures of extra-curriculars, teachers and homework for the weekend. For our trio, there was one particular place they wanted to start their weekend at. When Milo, Melissa and Zack were little kids, this place was one of wonders, amazement and many, many memories. A month from now, it would be gone. This…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy


    Suddenly, a park can be seen, with a beautiful sun set painting the sky orange.

    A crowded area can be seen, with spectators upon spectators viewing the ceremony.

    What ceremony, you ask?

    The wedding of the century.

    Standing in front of each other, in the best suits they could find, Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish hold hands and gaze into each others eyes.

    Their friends and family happily occupy their seats, overjoyed for the couple.

    Despite all the adventures, all the death defying missions, all the bumps...

    They made it.

    They got here.

    To this day.

    To this moment.


    Vinnie Dakota beamed at his husband to be, a smile like no one had ever seen on his face.

    Balthazar Cavendish looked lovingly at his partner, a feeling of peace and t…

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  • WaffleTail260

    So I have recently been working on a video porject.

    This video will have momments from Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy's law timed correctley to sync up with Smash Mouth's "All Star"!

    So far it's looking good and great! Can't wait 'til you guys can see it.

    It will be uploaded to Youtube and once it is, I will annonce it and give you guys a link!

    Just don't worry. This project isn't going to mess with any of the projects I have promised.

    I'm still gonna work on "What's the Right Direction?" and TMMLWG's Character Brackert. 

    I hope you guys are excited for the All Star project!

    P.S. Does anybody have a good PnF/MML parady of the name "All Star"? I'm trying to think of one, and I'm comin' out clean.

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy


    A bright light reflects on the screen. We can barely see.

    Suddenly, the light disappears, and a title card shows 2136.

    An empty, peaceful street is shown, illuminated by spectacular oranges and yellows.

    A 6 year old girl, with pig tails, a yellow dress and orange sandals is skipping down the road.

    The summer sun is near scorching, but she’s tougher than it.

    She is happily humming to herself and playing with her Black Widow action figure.

    She sits on the swings, her feet shuffling on the sand, and she imagines what it would be like to be a secret agent.

    To be a hero.

    She could do that!

    She smiled as she day dreamed of saving the world.

    Of making it better.


    A 10 year old girl sits in a stuffy room with a stiff atmosphere.

    Her mother, a tired,…

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  • Krazy4Kris

    As Melissa said "No Human has a neck that long." What if she never heard or seen anyone with this neck condition thing? It needs a fancier name....

    anyway in "the Phineas and Ferb effect" Melissa wouldn't have Met Kris as Dr. Zone was a failed TV show. but that's not what I'm talking about.

    You've noticed that Kris has a long neck right? What if it's a condition a few humans in this Universe have, I think it starts around the age of 10.

    So far I've seen a few charactrs main and background, with long necks, to name a few, Candace Flynn, Princess Baldegunde, Kris, the Guitarist from the end of "School Dance" 

    So what do you guys think?

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  • WaffleTail260

    So on Dan Povenmire's Twitter, Dan had a video of Jeff "Swampy" Marsh recording the voice of Cavendish while he was gurgiling water. In that video, we can see an image on the screen:

    The screen can be seen displaying an orange area with some brown tuffs above it. And I don't know about you guys, but, it looks a lot like Second Dimension Doof in his orange prison jumpsuit.

    When I put the two side by side, it just makes me see it even more cleary:

    Yes. It is a VERY blurry image. But, I think you can still see him or at least understand why I would see him. 

    So the question is: Will 2nd Doof appear in MML?

    Know obviously the awnser is no.

    But, if he wasn't intended to appear at all, then what is this image supposed to be?

    I believe this recording se…

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  • Krazy4Kris


    May 17, 2019 by Krazy4Kris

    Ermm.... Why is the Wiki in an odd state? it's all blank with large notification, messages etc icons. is there a way to fix this mess?

    I don't know what happened, but the problem has gone :)

    Now I can view the Wiki on my main Browser Window properly!

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  • WaffleTail260

    RGWH: Ah. Great. Waffle's righting these daily now.

    (Doof runs to RGWH half dressed putting on his lab coat)

    Doof: Wait, he's doing these blog things again?

    RGWH: Apparently.

    Yep. That's right friends!

    These blogs will be coming out daily again! Maybe not everyday, but you catch my drift.

    So to start off the daily blogs, I thought I would discuss a very small detail I caught while updating Carl and Monogram's galleries.

    So in "Agee Ientee Digoee" we see Monogram and Carl holding their phones and sharing a video of Doof screwing up. Here is what their phones look like in the episode:

    As you can see, Carl's phone is red and Monogram's phone is black.

    But, in "Milo in Space" (when the two are seen looking at phones) Monogram is holding the red one, while …

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  • WaffleTail260

    Baby Cavenpuss

    May 14, 2019 by WaffleTail260

    Hey, Mu....Forget it. I don't like typing that opening anymore. Sorry.

    So on Dan or Swampy's Twitter acount (one of those two I'm sure) posted a deleted character. This character is just like Cavenpuss, but younger and you can see his human chest.

    Was this character intended to be the son of Cavenpuss? Was he supposed to pop out of the egg Cavenpuss layed at the end of "Milo in Space"?

    We can see Cavenpuss in the picture walking away from his son, who at this point I'm gonning to call Baby Cavenpuss.

    I personally would have liked this character. It would have been cute. 

    Yes, it could have been really disturbing. But I'm pretty sure the cute factor would overlie disturbing factor.

    He could have been like a Baby Groot kind of thing.

    What are your …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Morning in Danville.

    The sun rises as Jim, a totally average guy, wakes up.

    Well, that’s a lie.

    Jim isn’t average.

    Actually, deep down, he’s special.

    If only the rest of the world could see that.

    Jim gets out of bed and air drums around the house while getting dressed.

    Dark green polo.

    Grey jeans with a visible seam.

    And a white watch on his right wrist.

    A self bought gift.

    No one buys him gifts.

    But Jim won’t let the lack of giving distract from his giving!

    He has a quick breakfast of “Dr. Zone-O’s” while he watches TV.

    The sweet taste of the cereal almost numbs the usual pain.


    He looks at the spoon with googly eyes he has on the table.

    “Spoony, you wanna watch some TV?”, he asks hopefully.

    He picks the spoon up and pretends to speak from it.

    “No wa…

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  • PhinFerbFan5


    Last time I tried to work sequentially from Milo to the effect. Now you're just stuck with all my left over ideas I hadn't finished or found a place to put them. So there's no specific order here.

    Let's start off by looking at a somewhat minor character that Milo may have not even met, Trucker Ted. Although he's not the most proactive, you can't fault him for having his truck hijacked every week by Murphy's Law. But is it? He's rarely close enough for ML to directly affect him. But it's obvious it's connected to Milo related hijinks. I put him under a weaker secondary effect of ML. Targets directly effected by ML are very likely to be close to Milo, but it's been shown that disturbances that set up the disaster have little to no ra…

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  • Krazy4Kris

    about 33666NME...

    May 4, 2019 by Krazy4Kris

    Should we be concerened about this guy? He's adding background characters as pages even though they have their own page which is Minor characters: Students.

    Also he spelt Natalia wrong, being spent "Natalie"

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  • Serendipitacely


    May 4, 2019 by Serendipitacely

    Hey Everyone!

    I want everyone to be able to choose from a variety of userboxes around their favourite characters, episodes, and songs, etc, without having to take the time to make them or ask for them, so I'm going to spend some time making a bunch of userboxes over the next few days (Feel free to join if you like making userboxes, of course! I just want to make sure there is at least one of each major character, etc). Afterward, I'll post them on a list page (when it has some actual content).

    In the meantime, I hope you guys have been doing great! Don't feel obligated to respond to this post unless you're excited to talk about userboxes - or, y'know, just wanna say hi! The main reason for this post is just to let you guys know what I'm work…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    He had actually done it.

    He had finished a race.

    Admittedly, it wasn't the finish line exactly, but it was close enough for Milo.

    He stared proudly at the mirror in his bathroom.

    His muscles ached, his knees almost buckled, his eyes drooped, but his heart soared.

    He had found another positive.

    He had another exceptional day.

    "But...", he began to think, his spirit dropping for a second.

    "...It wouldn't have been possible without Melissa and Zack.", he thought.

    His two friends... His two only friends had given their all to help him.

    He wouldn't have been close without their help.

    "If only I could repay them... But how?", he thought, a thoughtful frown on his face.

    He looked at the golden, shiny symbol of success on his damp chest.

    He smiled.

    The next mor…

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  • Krazy4Kris

    Read the title, some reason, the Wiki thinks my account has been Hijacked, but has not been.

    can someone tell me what the heck is going on?? I'm trying to reply to TMMLWG on his blog about the upcoming bracket, but this stupid message keeps appearing whenever I hit the send button.

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    (In a dark alley, rain falls and thunder crashes)

    (A shadowy figure appears)

    (It's Random Number Generator Guy)

    Random Number Generator Guy: Those fools... They never figured it out!

    (He takes out a photo of Amanda and Sara with drawn on moustaches and goatees)

    (He blows a raspberry)

    Random Number Generator Guy: How can anyone like such pointless, stupid, and 1 dimensional characters? It's not like they have "depth" or "meaning"! They're not as good as some guy, and you know who, and One Chipped Tooth Raskolnikov! But it's ok! I got rid of them by pairing them up with hard characters on purpose! Now the world is a better place! And they'll never know!

    (Laughs evilly)

    (Suddenly, he hears an odd sound)

    Random Number Generator Guy: What was that?

    (He s…

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  • Krazy4Kris


    May 2, 2019 by Krazy4Kris

    You see this guy?

    His name is Frank, I named him because he looks like a Frank to me, That'll be all.

    Actually, he appeared quite a few times, firstly in the Phineas and Ferb episode "Nerds of a Feather." There, he is waiting in line annoyed at Doof showing his pitch to Jeff mcgarland (not sure if that was how it spelt) Secondly, Frank appears in "The Doctor Zone Files" where he's waiting in line, Thirdly, he's seen in "Wilder West" along with the other Zonians and lastly, he appears in "A Clockwork Origin" somewhere in V-tech.

    That's all I have to say for now :)

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    (Door opens)

    (Melissa walks into her house)

    (Everything is unnaturally quiet)

    (Melissa picks up the framed photo of her and Milo, the first picture they ever had with each other)

    (She sighs lovingly, and caresses it)

    Melissa: If only I could tell you...

    Richard Chase (from nowhere): Tell him what?

    (Melissa screams)

    ("Could It Be" (So The Drama) by Christy Carlson Romano plays)

    Narrator: Coming soon!

    (Milo sits next to Sara)

    Milo: I get confused when I'm next to her...

    Sara: You're in love!

    Milo: It's not like that! We just went to a movie and...

    Sara: You were on a date!

    Milo: No! I just held her hand when I lifted her...

    Sara: You held hands!

    Milo: No!... Well, actually, that part is true, but only for a second because she started to fall!

    Sara: Little bro…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Well, guys.

    I'm back.

    I saw it.


    Ok, the elephant in the room:


    Is dead.

    Unless they pull off some twist in the season finale (which won't happen), it's over.


    Is it really?

    When I first saw the show, one thing REALLY stuck with me, and that thing has stuck with me until now: The beauty of Milo and Melissa's friendship.

    Just to remind you: Melissa has total belief in Milo.

    Milo thinks Melissa is amazing.

    They help each other all the time.

    They're always there for each other.

    Melissa fought against MURPHY'S LAW so that Milo could have it easier.

    And then she gave up so that he can be happy.

    They've saved each other's lives.

    They can't live without each other.

    Miloissa was about them falling for each other.

    And that will only happen in my AU. …

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  • Krazy4Kris

    So I found an Error in the episode "First Impressions"

    .... ....


    So Perry is seen in the flashback in his current age when Doof retells his "I have a nemesis" story to Dakota. Now, I tried making a chart of Milo's age, Phineas Age and Perry's age and found a problem, if Phineas is 10, Perry is around 5 as said in ATSD 2D and Milo being 13, How can Perry be around when Milo was about 6?

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy


    "They're all around us. From those who wish to impart physical damage on our fragile selves, and from ourselves. Traps of deception. Traps of guilt. Traps of low self esteem. If we can rid ourselves of these self imposed shackles, of these limitations that only exist in our minds, then we'd be able to do anything. We'd be free to be ourselves. Our best, kindest, most creative selves. So next time, when you start to doubt yourself, make like Admiral Ackbar and say "It's a trap!". Don't be afraid to share your uniqueness. Embrace yourself."

    "Be free."

    Dakota then sat down.

    "Lovely as that was", said Cavendish. "I fail to see how that's going to help us get out of this trap that's set over a volcano."

    "Well, I think that if some random, i…

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  • WaffleTail260

    Hey, Mur...You know what let's just get to the point!

    First Impressions is coming! And it's coming soon!

    And I just have some hopes and wishes for this episode. But whatever happens it's gonna be GREAT.

    So lets get started.

    1. A cute song: 

    I can see two ways for this to go. The song can be sang by Milo and Melissa in a cute childish way OR they could have someone like Olvia Olson sing a catchy tune in the background. Whatever it is I know it will be good. Unless we can barely hear what she is saying like last time .

    2. A entertaining side plot:

    I'm pretty confident that we'll get a subplot revealing how Cav and Dak met, but we may get a Doof subplot instead. Heck!, maybe the episode starts out in the present where Doof is testing out a prototype…

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  • Krazy4Kris

    User Using Userbox.

    April 26, 2019 by Krazy4Kris

    How do I use the Userboxes?

    Also, why is there no Sara Murphy Fav, Docor Zone fav, Recurring Raccoon and Obscure characters boxes? I could also go for a Kris userbox too..

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    So, here’s the long awaited sequel to Spider-Murphy: Niagara Falls Fling!

    I REALLY LOVE this AU, so I’m happy to be back at it!

    Quick note: This combines the official trailer and international trailer.

    Here’s a summery of the action, followed by a cast list (excluding our villain and Fury: I want it to be a surprise! They’ll get descriptions when the inevitable second trailer comes out):

    “Milo Murphy has had a busy life recently: Pistachions, Safety Czar, Aliens! He’s ready for a well earned vacation! Alongside his friends, and his best friend (and growing crush) Melissa, Milo prepares for a fun, no worries trip! But, Murphy’s Law and crime strike, as ever! Recruited by a spy agency, Spider-Murphy faces off familiar threats from his p…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!

    So, after I made the Spider-Murphy trailers, I really fell in love with the idea of Milo Murphy’s Law and Spider-Man. I tried writing an original story, but I don’t know what to do with that yet, so I’m keeping that for another time. But, I have been loving the Into The Spider-Verse trailers! I am so excited! (Authors Note: The movie exceeded my wildest expectations!) And, wouldn’t you know it, I actually found some connections with MML! So, here’s my second venture into this, with another AU (not related to the Niagara Falls Fling), which is made of AU’s. H’mm.

    Also, I am planning more one-shots about Milo’s heroism in the future (not with spider powers, though). He is going to be an important part of the TMMLWG One-shots. Believe…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy


    (“How?” by Natalise plays)

    (Savannah stares at her phone in sadness while sitting at Chez Chaz)

    Savannah: Of course he didn’t apologize… Why do I even bother… Stupid jerk…

    (Waiter approaches)

    Waiter: What will you be having madam?

    Savannah: Besides a big bowl of the blues? Coffee. Make it as black as the night. And as black as his soul.

    Waiter: I assume a tub of ice cream should be waiting in the wings?

    Savannah: Read me like a book.

    Waiter: I’ll wait for the movie.

    (He moves to the next table)

    Waiter: And you sir?

    ?: Yeah, do you have, like, breakfast burritos here?

    Waiter: …No.

    ?: Bummer. How about some egg rolls?

    Waiter: …No.

    ?: Why did I come here?

    (Savannah turns to the voice)

    (It sounds familiar)

    Savannah (incredulous): …Dakota?

    (Dakota notic…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the last matches of round 2!

    We've had some thrilling times, and I have big plans for round 3, but first, let's enjoy Round 2 one last time!

    And, before everything, allow me to introduce my co-commentator!

    THE ONE...

    THE ONLY...


    (Serendipitacely comes on stage. Running to the edge, he briefly high-fives Cavendish and Dakota before greeting TMMLWG with a hug and waving everyone in the comment section... of the auditorium. Finally, he takes his place as co-commentator.)

    Serendipitacely: Hey, everyone! I'm so excited to be here, and it's an honour to be the one on stage this time! Thanks so much for having me!

    TMMLWG: It's an honor to have you, Serend! Now, before we get started, have you chosen any special guests…

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  • Krazy4Kris


    April 23, 2019 by Krazy4Kris

    So.... is anyone going to edit and add images to Safety First? It seems like it's getting neglected.

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    So, here's another chance to ask me questions about the AU, Production, BTS, Lore and more!

    This week, you can ask about:

    1. Rooting For My Friend (Rooting For The Enemy from Melissa's perspective, Milolissa)

    2. The Jinx's Perfect Gift For The Perfectionist (Milo tries to get Amanda a perfect gift, The Jinx and The Perfectionist AU, Milanda, Tugia and Arend, blast me with all the questions you've got! Same with the on below!)

    3. The Perfectionist's First Date With The Jinx (Milo and Amanda have their first date, The Jinx and The Perfectionist AU, Milanda)

    4. Elevator Music Is Not In My Control (Brick and Dakota get stuck in an elevator)

    5. Sunny and Grey (Grey Sunshine, Bradley and Lydia work on a project and, somehow, bond!)

    And which o…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!


    The next bomb is a bit of a let down.

    Seriously, it's going to be a boring two weeks (which I am going to compensate with some long due surprises and some first impressions!)

    So, here's the lineup (starting with two total filler stories):

    1. Trap (A Very Short Drabble) (27/4/2019)

    Dakota monologues about traps. It's about three paragraphs.

    That's it.

    Like, really the only interesting thing is that it is happening at the same time as "Taxi", and that's about it.

    A word prompt without much... Stuff.

    Moving on.

    2. Finished (A Milo Friendship Fluff Drabble) (4/5/2019)

    Set right after "The Race", Milo feels like two other friends deserve a trophy.

    Some friendship fluff.

    Again, not much to see here.

    Ok, back to more interesting stuff!

    3. Relevan…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    (A white background is shown)

    (“Accidentally In Love” by Counting Crows plays)

    (It splits in half, and we see two sides: On the right, Lydia, literally shining and radiant, emanating a yellow glow. On the left, Bradley, dull and dusky, a grey glow emanating from him)

    (We see both sides at the same time:

    (They both wake up, Lydia excitedly getting dressed, brushing her teeth and running around talking up a storm while shoving cereal in to her mouth)

    (Bradley, meanwhile, moans and grumbles, and drags his feet as he gets dressed, brushes his teeth and takes a bag with a bland sandwich in it)

    (Lydia walks and talks with Amanda, gesticulating like crazy and sharing feelings and ideas. Amanda just shakes her head lovingly and smiles)

    (Bradley walks and…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy


    The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy AU Presents...

    A love story...

    Between two unlikely characters...

    (White screen)

    ("Accidentally In Love" by Counting Crows plays)

    (The white screen splits in half, and we see two sides: On the right, Lydia, literally shining and radiant, emanating a yellow glow. On the left, Bradley, dull and dusky, a grey glow emanating from him)

    (We see both sides at the same time:

    (They both wake up, Lydia excitedly getting dressed, brushing her teeth and running around talking up a storm while shoving cereal in to her mouth)

    (Bradley, meanwhile, moans and grumbles, and drags his feet as he gets dressed, brushes his teeth and takes a bag with a bland sandwich in it)

    (Lydia walks and talks with Amanda, gesticulating like c…

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  • Goldsith

    I’m at a lack of words here. Joker, Stage Builder, Shared Miis, New Spirits? WHY CAN’T IT BE OUT ALREADY?! Now, about the battle..

    Joker and Plant, stunned to the forgotten Mario enemies, stood stiff. Countless projectiles were thrown at them, when Joker tore off his mask.


    He fired three shots out of his gun, quickly hiding behind a box with Piranha Plant. “Alright, Plan of attack.”

    “Ptooie at them, and I’ll show them Eigaon.”

    Plant didn’t know what that meant, but he followed Joker’s directions.

    They were sent in flames before Arsene broke them and stole their hearts. This quite a sight for Plant.

    And that was the rough battle.

    Goldsith out, Peace!

    Oh, I’m excited! Nintendo, You can’t just drop something like this, I went crazy yesterda…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    I recently decided that I want all my stories (at least, the ones that can warrant it) a notes post, so I can talk a bit about production and share a bit more about the story.

    So, without further ado, let's begin with my most recent story (as of this date), "Elevator Music Is Not In My Control")

    1. First, the title: It's a bit of an odd one, but it's supposed to reflect Brick's need for control. The idea was to reference his control over the music in the car ("My radio stations" in "Missing Milo"), that he has now lost due to the elevator only playing "I'm Lindanna and I Wanna Have Fun".

    2. Readers with a keen memory will remember that in "Diameter Part 3", Brick and Savannah were also conflicting. This has been going on for quite a …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    It was another lovely, peaceful day in Danv…

    “Why must you act like a total jerk 24/7?!”

    …Never mind.

    I see I was mistaken.

    In a small apartment (that was much nicer than Cavendish and Dakota’s, I must add), Agents Brick and Savannah were engaged in yet another squabble.

    Those were happening more and more frequently, as of late.

    Savannah was standing with her arms crossed, ticked off and annoyed with her partner’s behavior.

    “I thought it would be nice to eat out together at Chez Chaz, but no! Heaven forbid someone other than Brick decide what I do!”, she complained, an intensity and bite to her words not usually heard in their regular arguments.

    Brick was furious too, as he paced around the room and kept pointing at her.

    “I’m a jerk? I’m a jerk?”, …

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  • WaffleTail260

    Hey, Murphy's Lawyers.

    So, this is awkward. I have to go away for a few days. And this may cause a few problems or annoyances for a few of you so let me go threw them.

    • Seren - I'm pretty sure you realized that I've started adding to the Freefall Gallery again, well I won't be able to update it where I'm going so it's going to take a little longer. Sorry about this. I know that you probably work so hard on your Galleries that you work on (very impressed with your Abducting Murphy's Law/Gallery pics) so I appoligize.
    • Wiki Guy - I feel terrible for not having "What's the Right Direction?" out by now, but it will take a little longer as well. I feel terrible for taking so long because you worked so hard to get my birthday present out on time, hope…
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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    We’re ALMOST done with this round! There aren’t many battles left! We’re ALMOST THERE!

    This round isn’t too exciting, sadly, but that’s ok, because my co-commentator more than makes up for it!

    Give it up to Master Editor, Big shot fanfic writer and all around one of THE biggest presences in this fandom…

    The Alpha Eagle…


    Arend: Hello, everyone, thanks for having me here!

    MMLWG: So, did you bring a special guest along.

    Arend: I did. He should go through this door right now.

    (Nothing happens)

    Arend: I said: He should go through this door, right now.

    ???: Just a minute... got my finger stuck in my Door Opener-Inator-

    (Suddenly, this rather "mysterious" guest gets blasted through the wall next to the door)

    Sara: Ugh, not him...

    Arend: I'm af…

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  • PhinFerbFan5


    Extreme Hereditary Murphy's Law is... semi-self explanatory (for those who already know what Murphy's Law is, which yes, is a bit circular in reasoning). It brings

    I guess it kinda makes sense to start from the source and talk about one of the more established areas of EHML. It's hereditary, a genetic disorder (heavy on the dis-order). Although not explicitly mentioned in the show, it's rather apparent, and supported by the creators, that only males have it. And although we don't have an extensive family tree it looks like it is a Y chromosome linked trait. This means the gene that gives you EHML is on the Y chromosome, a chromosome only present in men. From this assumption you can extrapolate some extra details, such as the fact t…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy


    (Words appear on the black screen:)

    ("The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy AU Presents...")

    (The almost distant sound of music can be heard)

    (More words appear:)

    ("A Story That Is More Important Than It Seems...")

    (Suddenly, lights!)

    (Brick and Dakota are sitting down on the elevator floor)

    (The elevator is stuck, and they have blank, bored expressions)

    (The only thing that is happening is that "I'm Lindanna and I Wanna Have Fun" is playing)

    (Brick sighs)

    (Dakota sighs)

    (Dakota looks at Brick)

    (Brick looks at Dakota)

    (Dakota slowly begins to nod his head to the beat)

    (Brick sways his hip on the floor)

    Dakota: "I'm not Roxanne..."

    Brick: "I'm not Aileen..."

    Dakota: "I'm not Sharon-a!"

    Brick: "And I don't want to study..."

    Dakota: "Work!"

    Brick: "Or stay at…

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  • Tugiacat666

    Hi guys!

    As I promise, before I go on a short hiatus for some important real life stuffs (and that's boring, it may take 2 to 3 weeks... "23 WEEKS?!" 2... to 3 weeks), I'll give you guys a bomb of five upcoming stories, how they will look like and a question - which of these are you excited for?

    In case you don't know much about Spotlight AU, check out my profile. It has pretty much information, released stories there.

    So without further adieu, let's get started.

    7. Men Selling Inventions - The Biggest Play Yet! (Set after "Moving" a few days)

    Honestly, this should be the one you are excited for! But that's just me... Anyway, let's see what it has.

    Lola and Victor Verliezer get stuck in an alternated dimension and have to tune in for the biggest,…

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  • WaffleTail260

    Hey, Murphy's Lawyers!

    So, after rewatching "Adventure Buddies" I wanted to remake the little picture of Doof and Perry, that Perry gave Vanessa who gave it to Doof (It's kind of cool that we know Perry actually interacted with Vanessa again). 

    So I adjusted the outlines, got ride of Doof's hand and shadow, fixed Perry's arm, and vwala! Wait, that's not how you spell it, let me try again. Voila!

    I love how it turned out, so much that I even printed a few out! I'm not entirely sure why it seems so gray, but hey still looks great!

    Persevere and Seize the Date! (A little Milanda AU reference there)

    P.S. What do you think of my new profile picture, I'm not sure if I like it or not. Should I go back to the old one of stay with this one, tell me wha…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Saw the episode. Great episode!



    No, seriously: She enters the building, yet she isn't seen afterwards! Like, not even when Milo receives the award! I can understand if she only cheered in the end, but her leaving before he receives his award makes no sense at all!

    Did I miss her? Or did they actually forget she exists?

    Oh, and no one has said anything about this, so I will:

    Early on, Melissa says she is getting an award for most tolerant friend. Now, that could be interpreted as a friendly jab towards Milo, but then, she says to Amanda "Don't push it, lady", and not in a very nice tone.


    I'd like to know what you guys think, because that felt like quite the hint.

    The Milo Murph…

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  • Tugiacat666

    Zane Cartner was playing some games at the arcade. It was his last day to come here before he and Lola moved to the Murphy sector the day later.

    Coincidentally, that was also the day the arcade would be closed for good.

    The moving wouldn’t be sad, but at the same time, it couldn’t get any happier.

    Zane loves to play games alone. No stupid rivals, no unnecessary competitions, no insult. If it is a fairly nice competition, it’s fine and vice versa.

    A slim girl entered the arcade from the front door, stepping and entering the room where the fashion boy played ‘Shining Bird.’ That’s how it’s called.

    “Almost there!” he exclaimed. He had been keeping the highest score in the arcade for two months. Sadly, the game hadn’t recorded and he tried to achie…

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  • WaffleTail260


    April 6, 2019 by WaffleTail260

    Hey, Murphy's Lawyers.

    Been a while. Just wanted to show you what's next from me! I'm really excited to come back off of my hiatas!

    1. Freefall/Gallery - I got all of the pictutres ready, just need to upload them.
    2. WTAD: What's the Right Direction? (For TMMLWG) - Love where this story goes, it is truley inspiring for anybody who has gone through this certan situatuion before.
    3. Parking Meters - Finding the sorce for the whole "Dakota and Parking Meters" trivia.
    4. Theory Corner: Stocking Scott - Proud of myself for catching this detail, sure going to be intresting if I can find enough evidence.
    5. Big Sister Showdown! - I promised this one a LONG time ago, but it's finally coming!
    6. Wowee!: Toy Story! - Yes, the big one (not to be confused with Wiki's Guy big one.)!…
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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Quick Shout Out: The Spotlight AU released an episode before entering a two-three week hiatus!

    It's called "Arcade", so if you like the Lola and Zane ship (which will not be creepy, from what I understand), check it out!

    Anyway, onto the story!

    "I get there and compliment her looks, but not in a creepy way, because that would be creepy..."


    "I give her the flowers... No, that's too cliche. Or is it?"


    "Anyway, I better put some deoderant and dress up. But not too much. Or a lot? Or... Or... Or..."


    Milo snapped out of his daze and realized that Melissa and Zack were both speaking to him.

    Well, trying to speak to him.

    "Oh. I didn't hear you guys. Sorry.", Milo apologized, a sheepish smile on his face.

    Melissa shook her head lovingl…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to a very interesting round of the character bracket!

    We’ve got some great battles…

    And a certain perfect daughter of mine.

    Cough, cough.

    Moving on!

    Before we present the results, here is today’s co-commentator!

    (A deadly vortex opens and PhinFerbFan5 appears)

    PhinFerbFan5: …that a peach? … Oh. I’m back here. The time is… Ok. I’m at the start of the show. Cool. Hello everyone! Hello The Milo Murphy’s Law Wiki Guy. Great to see you again. Or is this the first time for you? Anyway, looking forward to being a co-commentator. So much so I got a co-co-commentator. Introducing Hamosaur!

    (Hamosaur is lowered by a helicopter and unceremoniously crushes a bunch of seats and part of the stadium)

    Hamosaur: RRRRAAAAWWWW

    Wiki Guy: Great to have …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    (We see a heart thump)

    (It's beating gets faster)


    (Irrationally fast)

    (It explodes)

    (We zoom out and see it's Milo's heart)

    (Milo and Amanda stare at each other)

    (They're sitting at an outside table of a fancy restaurant)

    (They're both stiff and have no idea how to start the conversation)

    (Milo clears his throat)

    (Amanda's hope rises: What does he have to say?)

    Milo: ...This salt shaker is nice. I have one like this back home. Just... Not the same color, or structure, or salt. So, basically, I don't have one like this back home.

    (The two resume their awkward silence)

    (Wiki Guy, writing the story, wonders aloud)

    Wiki Guy: Who can possibly save this date?

    (Bursting through a wall, Melissa, Zack, Lydia, Cavendish, Dakota, Sara and Doofenshmirtz wal…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Yeah, I know that I only had one back in January.

    I know that I still have requests to do.

    And I know that these will be a LONG time coming.

    But that's ok.

    I really want to do this for the one year anniversary.

    So, anyone who wants another request, or still hasn't made one (SEREND! MAKING YOU HAPPY IS MY LIFE! PLEASE REQUEST!), you have another chance!

    The same rules from last time apply: No disgusting stuff, no horror, patience with my schedule, and unless I have a problem with it, I'll do nearly anything!

    So, request away!

    Let me make you happy!

    1. Illness: The Next Day (In Production, Date TBA)

    One day after "Illness", Amanda comes by to take care of Milo and Melissa, all the while dealing with her new relationship with Milo now that they're not …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy


    This is going to be really messy, really long and really emotional.

    I wanted to do an organized one like in the 100th post/half year anniversary, but honestly, I have some emotions, and I feel that splashing it on the page (or well, screen) will work more this time.

    So get ready for this.


    1. Whole. Year.

    It's... Hard for me to comprehend.

    Not because it passed quickly. No.

    Because it feels like I've always been here.

    Maybe it's the amount of posts (200 back in Diameter Part 3, now 214 including this), maybe it's the fact that everyone accepted me so much that we've all become family.

    Maybe it's because I went from an unknown, bright eyed youngster with some pre made reviews, some internal shipping feels (that would burst out real soon),…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    A young time traveler,

    From a time and place unknown,

    While you don't know her yet,

    Those who created her have, in my eyes, shone.

    7 shadowy figures,

    With one dark wish.

    Who are they?

    Just know Vinnie is their favorite dish.

    The seventh figure,

    With the most vital role,

    He knew Vinnie once,

    But he has no soul...

    7 people lost,

    Seemingly average and below par,

    Look at my protagonists

    Look... To the stars.

    Bell are ringing,

    People are singing,

    The union has come,

    You plus me is my favorite sum

    He lived his life in pain,

    his angel dead,

    To bring justice to the world,

    He will hurt the one who put his worries to bed.

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