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GreenHornet GreenHornet 5 days ago

Middle School Arc Part 4 - Cruel Summer

For Part 4 of the Middle School Arc and Part 2 of the Milanda/Zalissa arcs, let's take things back to the summer between 7th and 8th grade for Milo and friends. As Milo struggles with his feelings for Amanda and Melissa, will a yearly tradition for the dynamic duo give Milo and Melissa the clarity they need or just make things more complicated? Let's find out!

We pick things up June 17, 2016 - the day after the last day of Milo, Melissa and Zack's 7th grade year. This time next year, the Murphy trio will be preparing to enter Danville High School. The week before, the entire JCMS student body had gathered to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins claim their 4th Stanley Cup by beating the San Jose Sharks in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. That Sun…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 5 days ago

Middle School Arc Part 3 - Home From Octalia

Before this, the last time I made something for this story was back in December of 2020 - nearly 2 years ago, but I'm back with more of 'How I Met Your Mother'! Here's where we get to the real angsty parts of the story! Author's note: This whole story of how Milo and Melissa eventually became a couple is being told over multiple nights.'s part 3 of the Middle School Arc and Part 1 of the joint Milanda/Zalissa arcs.

Back in the present time, Cory and Topanga were in awe of how their parents pulled of 'Home Alone'-type schemes not once but twice.

"So cool, dad!" Cory said.

"Yeah, dad! You and mom pulled from our favorite holiday movie twice over to take out those bumbling idiots!" Topanga added in.

"So what came next?"

"Did mom come run…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 12 days ago

Milo Meets Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds?

Got a new idea! Been binge-watching Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds and it got me thinking...what if Milo and company were to crossover with Yusei Fudo and the Signers from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds?

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 17 days ago

Writer's Block...Hate It!

So, I was going to restart work on my mega story 'How I Met Your Mother' when I realized that I don't know how to write for Milo/Amanda or Zack/Melissa...yeah, writer's block has hit again.

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Serendipitacely Serendipitacely 1 December 2021

With Love, Serendipitacely

Hey, Everyone!

I don't even know where to start, let alone how to sort through everything I want to say to you. It's been such a long time, and coming back here feels a little like stepping into another world... It's different enough to be new, but familiar enough to make my heart ache for a time that just isn't around anymore. It's really strange, considering how much this place used to feel like home, and how you all still feel just as much like family as you did back then. It's weird to think a place I used to spend as much of my time as I could can feel so foreign.

First of all, I want to say I'm sorry - to the wiki I loved so deeply, to the users I wanted to help out as much as I could, and about the promises I couldn't keep no matter h…

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Sokewt Sokewt 8 April 2021


I just wanted to say how great this show is!!!!

(Also to earn a 'create a blog post' badge ;) )

It's Milo's world and we're all living in it!

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 24 March 2021

Milo Murphy’s Life Seventy Four

Episode Seventy Four

            Dr. Diminutive pushed the button on the remote in his hand. For a second or two, nothing happened. Milo wondered if Dr. Diminutive’s Shrinkinizor had malfunctioned, but no sooner had the thought occurred to him, than the Shrinkinizor began to emit a high pitch whine.

           [Well that can’t be good] said Perry. He cast a glance up at Heinz. [Do you have any idea what he might be planning?] he asked.

           Heinz shook his head at the platypus. His eyes flicked from Dr. Diminutive to the Shrinkinozor. “Nebolshoy,” he said slowly “what are you doing?”

           Nebolshoy laughed. “Well, my original plan was to hold Danville for ransom,” he replied.

           “We will never pay your ransom,” replied Brick…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 13 March 2021

Well...Now I Got This Stuck In My Head...

Yeah, so now I got this iconic theme song stuck in my head...


...listen and take a guess as to why.

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 4 March 2021

Milo Murphy’s Life Episode Seventy Three

Zack, Melissa, Amanda and Jeremy followed Milo back out into the hall, which was deserted.

           “OK,”  asked Melissa, “anyone know how we’re supposed to find the videotron?”

           They all looked at each other. Finally, after a couple of minutes Milo shrugged. “I guess we just start trying doors?” he suggested half heartedly. They spent the next half hour trying all the doors the came across. Most of them were locked. A couple opened on to nondescript looking offices. One or two appeared to be private boxes. Eventually they came to a drab looking utility door painted in dull grey. There was no sign to give any indication of what might be on the other side.

           “Look,” said Zack pointing at the lock. Someone had pried the rew…

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 4 March 2021

Milo Murphy’s Life Episode Seventy Two

“Hey Doc,” said the smaller goon. At the sound of his name, Dr. Diminutive pulled his head out of the guts of the Shrinkinizor.

“What is it?” he snapped, “I told you not to call me that.”

The smaller goon took a deep breath and mentally steeled himself for the explosion. “I think we have another problem,” he said slowly.

The pint-sized supervillain eyed the man suspiciously. “What do you mean ‘another problem’?” he asked.

The smaller goon paused for a moment before speaking again. “Dr. Doofenshmirtz is in the building,” he said in a dangerously quiet voice.

“Doofenshmirtz is here,” said the smaller goon more loudly.


The man flinched instinctively.

“What do you mean ‘Doofenshmirtz is here’?” shrieked Dr. Diminutive.

The smaller goon took a …

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Arend Arend 20 February 2021

El Milonga de Murphy (Chapter 7: Te Quiero)

On their way down, Cavenpus and Ariana encountered Sara and Doofenshmirtz.

"Guys, did something go wrong?" Sara asked. "We thought we heard Milo crying, and Mom is getting a little worried."

"Well, yeah, he is in fact crying", Ariana confirmed, "but we don't know why exactly."

"Milo was dancing terribly as usual, but then he gradually began panicking", Cavenpus explained, "and then he just... broke."

"Hmm... do you think that Amanda girl did something to him...?" Doof pondered.

"My big sis would never hurt someone on purpose, especially not him!" Ariana shouted offendedly. "The nerve to even think about it!"

"Alright, alright! Sheesh", Heinz scoffed.

"Speaking of Amanda, why isn't she with you?" Sara questioned.

"She's trying to comfort Milo", Ariana repl…

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Arend Arend 14 February 2021

El Milonga de Murphy (Chapter 6: Too Much Pressure)

The rest of the week didn't fare much better for Milo compared to Monday, either.

Tuesday, right as Milo and friends left the bus stop, local crossing guard (or rather, Safety Czar) Elliot Decker, overheard the middle schoolers as they approached the crosswalk.

"Come on, Milo", Zack comforted. "You still have four days to get the tango right."

"Tango? What's that all about?" Elliot questioned the kids. "And what has that Milo to do with it?"

"For your information, Elliot", Melissa chided, "Milo and Amanda are entering a tango competition, and they have to do it right if they don't want to lose against some pompous hacks that hate losing."

"Hmm, so my ears still work perfectly (as they should for a Safety Czar like me), but I still can't believe …

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Arend Arend 13 February 2021

El Milonga de Murphy (Chapter 5: Tango Practice at School)

Milo woke up the next morning. Despite being still plagued by that nightmare from yesterday, he managed to sleep soundly.

Today was a Monday, meaning he had to go to school. Now, he and Amanda had already planned out to do their tango practices after school, alternating the place to practice between his house and hers, like in the past weekend. He had no idea how Melissa and Zack would practice on school days, but he guessed it to be something similar to their plan.

Milo carefully packed his backpack for the day, before he joined his parents and sister at the dinner table for breakfast. After his bowl of cereal, he noticed it was time to go, and left to the bus stop, waving his mom, dad and big sis goodbye 'til later. He also took the time t…

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Arend Arend 11 February 2021

El Milonga de Murphy (Chapter 4: Visiting Casa Lopez)

It was the night of the Tango Teen Couples Dance-Off, and Milo and Amanda were up alongside their competition.

They started dancing, but everything went wrong: Milo constantly stepped on Amanda's toes, they stumbled and tripped over everyone else, and made a hole in the floor right where they landed, right onto a pipe which exploded. Splinters sprang loose and stabbed a live tango music performance. Violin bows flew in the air and activated fire sprinklers, ruining Amanda's makeup and Milo's quiff.

Milo and Amanda were deemed dead last, right as Anthony and Ashley were quite literally dancing circles around them in outstanding class. Roses were being flung to Anthony and Ashley, the two being able to catch one with their mouth each. They wer…

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 8 February 2021

Milo Murphy’s Life Episode Seventy One

“Heads up,” the goon stopped halfway down the hall, at the sound of his partner speaking in his earpiece.

           He put his finger to his ear, as if doing so would allow him to hear better.  He stared at the long black scorch mark on the opposite wall and frowned to himself. He had been following a trail of destruction. He wasn’t sure if whoever was doing was trying taunt him or possibly just committing random acts of vandalism for their own amusement, but he had the sense that he was gaining on them. “Talk to me,” he replied.

           “We have movement.”

           “Where?” he asked.

           “Northeast stairwell.” Static hissed in his ears, for ten or twenty seconds, punctuated by the rhythmic click of computer keys. “You’re not going…

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Arend Arend 7 February 2021

El Milonga de Murphy (Chapter 3: The First Practice Session)

Several hours later, Milo, Melissa, Amanda, Zack and Lydia were finally ready to leave the Danville Dance Hall and return home. They had a grand time there: Amanda still got to show off some of her ballet skills, but Milo decided to pass up for this year, admiring Amanda from the seating. Fortunately, the worst thing that happened this time was that, when Milo leaned on one end of the wooden rail of the paneling in front of him, the other end got loose and hit someone else on the chin.

Milo, Melissa, Zack and Amanda already already notified their parents about the upcoming tango competition, as well as Anthony and Ashley's challenge. They already had arranged Amanda to visit Milo, while Zack would visit Melissa. They are currently waiting a…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 9 January 2021

Middle School Art Part 2 - Danville Alone

Last year marked the 30th anniversary of one of my favorite holiday movies - the Macaulay Culkin led comedy masterpiece 'Home Alone'! To commemorate that landmark anniversary, I'm putting Milo and crew in their own version of 'Home Alone', using some...strike that...ALL of Kevin McCallister's greatest hits! This will be based off of the first Home Alone movie, with my OC, Danielle Lopez (Amanda's older sister), joining in on the fun. This will take place between the crossover and 'Snow Way Out'. ROLL IT!

December 18th. 2015 - the last day before Christmas break at Jefferson County Middle School. The first 3 months of the 2015-16 school year have been eventful, to say the least; especially for Milo and Melissa. They made a new friend in Zack…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 9 January 2021

Milolissa Shorts - What Is...Legend

I had this one in mind since we heard the news back on November 8th. Now with Alex Trebek's final Jeopardy! episode airing tonight, now's as good a time as any to put this out there as a tribute to the man who gave us answers, questions and memories for the past 37 years and more than 8,000 episodes.

Timestamp: November 8, 2020. Milo and Melissa were enjoying their Sunday at the Danville Ice Rink, snuggled up to each other. They had been dating since their 8th grade year and now as seniors in high school, things couldn't be any smoother for the best friends turned lovers.

"Just hold on to me, okay?"

Oh...forgot to mention that Milo is a bit clumsy on ice.

"I'm not letting go, Melissa..." the jinx said to his girlfriend. Milo then twirled Melis…

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 3 January 2021

Milo Murphy’s Life Episode Seventy

Episode Seventy

           Perry felt his stomach lurch as he hurled himself into the void. The rushing wind ruffled his fur and tugged on the brim of his fedora. Behind him, Heinz yelled something unintelligible as he was dragged over the edge of the stairwell and into open space. The line attached to the grappling hook embedded in the wall spooled out with a high pitched whizzing noise. Somewhere above them the metal handrail that Heinz had pulled off the opposite staircase with his inator collided with the opposite wall. A loud metallic clang echoed off of the walls of the stairwell. At the same instant a shadow fell over them. Perry chanced an upward glance. The air was visible shimmering, as in a heat wave, but it wasn’t hot and the p…

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 19 December 2020

Milo Murphy’s Life Episode Sixty anime

The taller of the two goons turned to Dr. Diminutive and gestured for his attention. “Hey boss,” he said, “we got movement.”

           The tiny supervillain’s head whipped around so fast that for a half a second it seemed to have spun right off the little man’s neck. “What?!” exclaimed Dr. Diminutive. He pulled his head out the Shrinkinizor, where he was making a few adjustments, and marched over to where the much taller man was stand hunched over his computer. “Show me,” he snapped.

           The tall goon pulled a release under the laptop and dropped in down to Dr. Diminutive’s eye level. He stared intently at the screen, for what seemed like a long time as a he watched the two figures on the screen emerge from between two of the tour bu…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 9 December 2020

40 Years Ago...

It was 40 years ago this month that we lost a legend in former Beatle John Lennon. The man who wanted nothing more than peace on Earth was brutally gunned down in New York and to this day, I have yet to figure out why. I hope that one day, John Lennon's vision becomes a reality.

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 28 November 2020

Milo Murphy’s Life Ep. Sixty Eight

Perry’s hover car shot straight up out of the ground and came to a stop about a hundred feet over the backyard.The prescience of the house was betrayed by the light spilling out of the windows on to the front and back lawn. The house itself was a square in the darkness. Linda’s station wagon was a smaller rectangle in the driveway. Perry hit a button on his dashboard and the hidden hatch that he had flown up out of closed again. He pulled the wheel hard over,  jammed his webbed foot down on the accelerator and shot off toward Milo’s neighbourhood.

           Zack was just coming out of the bathroom when the door bell rang. He turned and walked down the hall to the front door. The door bell rang again, this time more insistently. From the l…

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Arend Arend 15 November 2020

El Milonga de Murphy (Chapter 2: A Familiar Pair of Stubborn Rivals)

When Milo and Amanda arrived at the end of the passageway, they found a figure behind the makeshift receptionist desk they recognized from a few months back, flattop and all.

"Hello, Mr Blunt", Amanda greeted.

"Hello Amanda", Mr Blunt greeted back in his usual gruff, but friendly tone. "And hello you too, Milo."

"Hey Mr Blunt, haven't seen you since you put us in detention back when you substituted for art class", Milo replied. "How's your dance troupe coming along?"

"Mr Blunt has actually been working here at the staff for the past few weeks to gain experience and find recruits at the same time", Amanda explained to Milo.

"Yep, and you gotta keep bringing food on the table, too", Mr Blunt added. "Looking for recruits to your troupe doesn't mak…

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 15 November 2020

Milo Murphy’s Life Ep. Sixty Seven

Milo, Amanda and Jeremy stepped out into the hallway that ran behind the concession stands. Milo shut the door behind him. The corridor was painted a dull grey. It was lit with utilitarian fluorescent lights. The floor, which consisted of linoleum tiles the blue and purple of the Danville Marmots, was heavily scuffed. The three of them started walking. They had gone perhaps ten feet, when a loud bang shook the hallway. Milo’s eardrums throbbed violently in his skull and he turned to watch the door he had just closed embed itself, bent and crumpled in the opposite wall. Thick smoke poured out of the open door and Milo heard the sound of rushing water as the sprinkler system kicked in. He turned to Amanda and Jeremy and started walking. “Com…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 14 November 2020

Writer's Block Strikes Again...

Well...I got writer's block again. I was planning out my next Milolissa short in response to the death of Alex Trebek when I realized that I had come to a dead end as to the Milo crew's reaction to the passing of the beloved 'Jeopardy!' host. I'm at a loss for ideas here!

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 8 October 2020

Milo Murphy’s Life Ep. Sixty Six

          The last notes of Fat died away and the stages light went dark. Everyone applauded loudly.  Milo and Amanda could just see the shadowy form of Weird Al doffing the fat suit and handing it to one of the stage hands who who hustled off stage with it. The lights came back up again,  and Weird Al launched into Tacky. 

Wear my Ed Hardy shirt with fluorescent orange pants

Got my new resume, it’s printed in Comic Sans

Think is fun threatening waiters with a bad Yelp review

If you think that’s than you’re probably tacky too


He was about half way through the song, when everything began to go sideways. The overhead video screen, which had been playing a series of absurd images in time to the music, was suddenly replaced by the image of a small…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 5 October 2020

It Happened Again...

...I got inspiration for a new Milo story from a Taylor Swift song. First it was 'You Belong With Me' (in progress), then it was 'Come Back...Be Here' (one shot) now, it's 'Teardrops On My Guitar'. What in the world is wrong with me? How does this keep happening?

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 4 October 2020

Come Back...Be Here

So this came to me while listening to Taylor Swift's 'Come Back...Be Here' off the Red Deluxe Edition album. For this Milo story, I'll be drawing off the premise of that song as well as my own experiences with having friends move. goes.

8th grade had just ended for the trio of Milo Murphy, Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood. Sure, there were Murphy's Law shenanigans, a Pistachion takeover and an alien invasion...not to mention time travel, but that's just par for the course in Danville! The tightest of the trio were undoubtedly Milo and Melissa. They had known each other since 1st grade and since either 4th or 5th grade, they had wondered if there was something more between them. The trio was talking about their summer plans when so…

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Arend Arend 3 October 2020

El Milonga de Murphy (Chapter 1: A Ballet Backstory and Tango Tournament)

On a Saturday afternoon, Milo, Melissa and Zack were walking alongside Amanda and Lydia to the Danville Dance Hall, which in fact doubled as a dance school. Today was open house, so attendees from all over the place were welcome to visit, watch and participate in several of the dance classes available.

Zack and Lydia had been taking interpretive dance classes recently, so naturally...

"Thanks for coming with us to the dance school's open house today", Zack began. "Maybe you can watch how I perform interpretive dance without me wearing an alien helmet prop and embarrassing myself, like at the WiBAs."

"And maybe you guys can actually see me perform without being sick and embarrassing myself", Lydia added, " at the WiBAs."

"No problem, Zack"…

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Realgilbertgan Realgilbertgan 3 October 2020

Opinions by RealGilbertGan: MML 3rd Anniversary, Episode Review Changes, and MORE!

Happy 4th Anniversary, MIlo Murphy's Law!

It's been a while since I haven't done some blogs around here back around September when I said that I'll be putting some of my reviews here in the MML Wiki, will, I won't do it here anymore. All of my reviews of all the MML episodes will be on my Patreon and Ko-Fi pages, but all of your comments will be on the page discussions that I will be posting soon.

I also wanted to point out things around Milo Murphy's Law, now on it's 3rd Anniversary, (I maybe a little bit biased in what I will say, but) it goes as follows:

  • Year-long Delay - How long is Disney going to neglect Milo nowadays? I've notice that around it's social media pages (except from Dan and co.) took no attention to the show since they've b…
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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 26 September 2020

Milo Murphy’s Life Episode Sixty Five

Dr. Diminutive pressed his ear to the door and listened for carefully for several minutes. He didn’t hear anything. He bent down and pulled a screwdriver out of one of the pockets in his lab coat. He thrust it under the locking mechanism and jimmied it back and forth several times. It popped open and Dr. Diminutive stepped out. The loading dock was empty. Weird Al’s tour bus, along with the two other non-description looking crew buses.  A small chink of light appeared in the dark space and Dr. Diminutive thrust his hand into the gap. He lifted up the door up over his head and climbed out from the storage compartment under the bus.

He hopped out on the ground. He cast a quick eye up toward the windows on either side, lest anyone be watching.…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 19 September 2020

List Of Things I Blame Milo For...

Every celebrity death from 2016-2020 (Prince, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Regis and now Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

Kardashians and Kanye West trying to frame Taylor Swift

Wildfires in California and Australia

Zika virus

COVID-19 pandemic

NFL, NHL, NBA cancellations

Unneccessary Disney remakes

Aric Almirola's wreck at Kansas in 2017

Carl Edwards getting screwed out of the 2016 NASCAR title

Every bad finish by Chase Elliott (and he's had quite a few of them)

End of the VW Beetle

Cancellations of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and July 4th Fireworks

Yeah...this is all on you, Milo!

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 7 September 2020

Milo Murphy’s Life Episode Sixty Four

A tall, lanky figure stepped trough the curtain, as the MC stepped down from the stage. Weird Al Yankovich was tall with a thin and lanky frame. His narrow, pointed face was framed was by a curtain of wavy brown hair that fell almost to his shoulder. He smiled and waved the assembled crowd. There was a wave of enthusiastic applause and a number of people waved back. He had the look of a man who was used to being in the spotlight, but behind closed doors was almost painfully shy. He fingered the accordion slung around his neck as he surveyed the crowd in front of him.

“Hi,” he said. “I’d like to thank you for being my special guests tonight. Before we get on with the show. I thought I’d treat you to a few songs that aren’t on the set list.” …

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WaffleTail260 WaffleTail260 28 August 2020

Candace Against the Universe: What's the Point? We've Already've Seen Them Go to Space


Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe came out today. AND. I. LOVED. IT! 

If you guys haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. Heres my Letterbox review if you want to hear my thoughts on it: (SPOILERS)

So a lot of us on the wiki were asking one question when this movie was announced; "What's the point? We've already seen them go to space? How is this new? WHY. SHOULD. I. CARE?".

And I have your answer.

This is not a space movie. And this movie isn't about space adventures. 

This is a movie about Candace becoming a hero that happens to take place in space. 

Time and time again we have seen the show not really dig deep into C…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 23 August 2020


Today marks one year since what has since become my favorite Taylor Swift album debuted. I'm talking about her 7th studio album - 'Lover'. Reason being is this song right here...

'You Need To Calm Down' quickly became my favorite Taylor Song, passing 'Shake It Off' and I can't stop playing it! TAYLOR ALLISON SWIFT, YOU ARE AWESOME! #OneYearOfLover

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 19 August 2020

Milo Murphy’s Life Episode Sixty Three

The valet directed Martin to another valet, who stood with a headset, a walkie-talkie and a pair of wands directing the line of cars slow long crawling through the orange cones that indicated where everyone was supposed to go. Martin eventually wound his way through the maze of orange cones until he came to a sign that said “Drop Off Area.” A line of people curved around the building under a long awning. Many of the people in line were wearing garishly coloured Hawaiian shirts. Another valet waved Martin to a stop. He turned and smiled at Milo and Amanda. “Bye kids,” he said. “Have fun at your concert.”

Milo unbuckled his seatbelt and grabbed his backpack by the shoulder straps. “Bye Dad,” he said as he climbed out. “We’ll see you later.”


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Realgilbertgan Realgilbertgan 16 August 2020

Financial Help

My family's financially suffering ever since my father's been paralyzed from the hip down and has no job for more than 6-8 years, This year, we couldn't afford our rent until December because I'm afraid that my father's friends won't help him anymore, even my family's pension is not enough to pay for his medicine and house rent.

I really wish someone could help us. If you have a heart donate to my PayPal:

Or you can ask me for commissions if you are interested in one.


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GreenHornet GreenHornet 13 August 2020

New Idea Just Came To Me...

I've been on a Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds binge watch recently, reliving a time where Saturday mornings were worth getting up for and a pair of ideas just came to me. One of which is another MML AU, where Milo is a teen from the Satellite looking to make his way into New Domino City and unite City and Satellite (essentially the plot of 5Ds with Milo's curse playing a part).

And the 2nd...

Milo and his friends joining Yusei Fudo and his crew in a battle to save Danville, New Domino City and the world from the Dark Signers (my favorite arc of 5Ds). 

Could you imagine Milo Murphy piloting a Duel Runner?

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Littlecharmersfan Littlecharmersfan 8 August 2020

Crossover Special with Milo Murphy's law and The Owl House

While Milo and his friends help Doofenshmirtz pack up all of his inators to move back to his old building, they stumble upon his new version of his other dimension inator and with mishap of murphy's law they were teleported to another dimension called The Boiling Isles.

  • Milo Murphy
  • Melissa Chase
  • Zack Underwood
  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Mort Schaeffer
  • Chad Van Coff
  • Amanda Lopez
  • Bradley Nicholson
  • Joni
  • Luz Neceda
  • Eda Clawthorne
  • King
  • Willow
  • Gus
  • Amity Blight
  • Boscha
  • Lilith
  • Hooty
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Realgilbertgan Realgilbertgan 4 August 2020

3 Months Later...

It has been a while since I said that I renounced my MML fandom because of the circumstances that I took for 2 to 3 years, maybe it's time that I return with a different version of myself.

Starting around September, I'll be posting a series of small reviews throughout the series, but there will be some twists and disclaimers that I would impose on my reviews in every episode:

  1. Doofenshmirtz appearing after the Phineas and Ferb Effect (literally most of season 2, onwards to that point) is always a sin. WHY?
    Because throughout season 2, half of the time in all of his appearance in episodes with him present is more focused on him becoming Professor Time, and Milo kinda have like a quarter of the time given in his appearance along with his friends…
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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 4 August 2020

Milo Murphy’s Life Episode Sixty Two

Over the next couple of weeks, the weather got steadily warmer. The lawn in front of Milo’s house slowly turned from the drab brown of winter into the bright green of spring as the first blades of grass shot up out of the soil. The branches of the tree in the backyard bearing Milo’s ramshackle treehouse was heavy with bud and would soon put forth its foliage. Milo spent the whole of the three weeks between the WIBA and the third week of April on pins and needles. He had looked at his calendar and been surprised to find that the Strings Attached concert was only a couple of weeks away. On a number of occasions Milo had found himself gazing longingly at the tickets that Amanda had given him for his fourteenth birthday, which now seemed like …

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 30 July 2020

From The Desk Of Milo Murphy - 8th Grade: First Day

Summer's drawn to a close and it's time to head back to school! Only this time...Milo is DEFINITELY not himself! It's time for a new Milo to appear. It's time...for GRUNGE MILO! ROLL IT!

September 6, 2016. True, it was still summer; but for the students of Jefferson County Middle School, it was time to head back to school. For Zack, Melissa and Amanda - the worries about Milo only grew throughout the summer. Today, the jinx was nowhere to be found.

"Hey, either of you seen Milo?" Zack asked.

"Not me, Zack...which is odd because we always sit next to each other on the bus," Melissa told Zack.

"I haven't seen Milo either, Zack," Amanda added. Milo then appeared, only this time he wasn't in his signature sweater vest. This time, he was in a jacke…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 29 July 2020

Toon Jeopardy! Greatest Of All Time Match 5 - Melissa Chase vs. Kim Possible vs. Amanda Lopez

Last time out, Kim won match 4 by only 200 points, claiming her 2nd match point. She is now just 1 win away from winning $2,000,000 and the title of GREATEST OF ALL TIME JEOPARDY! CHAMPION. Can Melissa or Amanda stop her and force a 6th match? Or will Kim close it all out tonight? Let's roll!

Johnny Gilbert: The epic battle for $2,000,000 continues on JEOPARDY! With a win tonight, she could take it all - KIM POSSIBLE...


....with 1 win to her credit, AMANDA LOPEZ....


....and with 1 win to her credit, MELISSA CHASE... 


....who will be crowned THE GREATEST OF ALL-TIME?


Johnny Gilbert: And now, here is the host of '…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 29 July 2020

From The Desk Of Milo Murphy - Last Day Of 7th Grade

Well, here we are...the last day of 7th grade for Milo and friends. Even though Milo has continued to see his guidance counselor every week, his downward spiral is continuing and his friends have little clue about what is happening to him. ROLL IT!

Time stamp: June 16, 2016. It was the last day of school at Jefferson County Middle School. Yearbooks were being signed, the 8th grade class was preparing for graduation to Danville High and as for Milo, well...he was still on a slow but steady decline all because of Zack and Melissa.

"Anyone seen Milo today?" Amanda asked, running to Melissa.

"I saw him earlier..." Melissa confirmed. "He's been"

"He's not the Milo we know..." Zack added. "It's like he's in another zone."

"Yeah, and non…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 28 July 2020

From The Desk Of Milo Murphy - After Octalia

So...this is a sequel to 'Happier'. We're delving deeper into the inner thoughts of Milo Murphy through his journal entries and his talks with those close to him. We'll begin with the day after Amanda suggested Milo write a journal of how he was feeling. We roll...NOW!

Timestamp - March 18, 2016. While it was pizza Friday at Jefferson County Middle School, Milo wasn't any happier. Sure, he was with the girl he had been crushing on since the previous year, but something was different. It was as if there were some hidden feelings resurfacing - feelings between him and his best friend, Melissa Chase.

Now his girlfriend, Amanda Lopez, came up to him and sat next to him in the lunchroom. "Hey, Milo," the sweet Latina greeted.

"Oh...hey, Amanda," M…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 23 July 2020

Taylor Swift Related Freakout Alert!

Yeah, you heard right! I am absolutely freaking out because of this surprise development from my favorite singer - Taylor Swift! She is dropping her 8th album, entitled 'Folklore', tonight at Midnight Eastern! GAH! So excited! I fully intend to listen to it on Spotify as soon as it drops!

Oh...and a brand new music video is ALSO dropping at Midnight Eastern. So...DOUBLE TAYLOR SWIFT FREAKOUT!

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 20 July 2020

Milo Murphy’s Life Episode Sixty One

They all piled into the hospital room. Zack was sitting up in bed. His right leg was elevated at a forty five degree angle and wrapped in a thick cast. “Hey guys,” he said.

“Hi Zack,” Melissa.

“How are you feeling?” asked Amanda.

Zack shrugged. “Fine,” he replied, “I broke my leg, buts its not as if that hasn’t happened before. So, did anyone actually manage to see any of the awards show?”

Milo gave a characteristic casual shrug. “Well,” he said, “I know that you won.” 

For half a second, Zack looked like a deer caught in on-coming headlights. “Wait, Milo what do you mean, I won?”

“Just what he said,” replied Melissa, with a laugh. Milo pulled open the top flap of his backpack. He thrust a hand inside and began rummaging through its contents. Af…

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GreenHornet GreenHornet 14 July 2020

Toon Weakest Link - Disney Special

In celebration of Weakest Link's 20th anniversary (it premiered on BBC 2 on August 14th, 2000), I've got a special Disney edition of Toon Weakest Link for you! Melissa Chase from 'Milo Murphy's Law' is the host. Here goes!

John Cramer: Here are the 10 contestants getting ready for tonight's show. One of them will walk away with up to $2,000,000. The rest will leave with nothing as round by round, they are voted off as...THE WEAKEST LINK.


Melissa: THE WEAKEST LINK! Any of the 10 people here in the studio tonight could win up to $2,000,000. They don't know each other; however, if they want to win that money, they must work as a team. But 9 will leave with nothing as round by round, we lose the player voted....THE WEAK…

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Tlong0038 Tlong0038 30 June 2020

Milo Murphy’s Life Episode Sixty

Milo hobbled over to the hospital bed and sat down. Amanda joined him. Dr. Underwood peered closely at the bandage that Milo had applied to Amanda’s forehead. She pulled on a clean pair of latex gloves  and gently peeled off the bandage. She looked at it closely. The cut underneath was clotted and scabbed with dried blood. It was surrounded by a livid bruise, which had turned an angry shade of sullen purple. “Well, I’ve already heard Zack’s version of events,” she said to Milo and Amanda, “why don’t you tell yours.”

Milo and Amanda spoke for fifteen minutes, taking turns to tell the story of how they had been locked out of the gym, and climbed the side of the building and gotten stuck in the gym’s ventilation system. Milo pulled Zack’s WIBA…

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Beaker09 Beaker09 20 June 2020

Green Hornet

So, as you all know, today is Green's birthday. This is just a poem I've written for him. Hope you like it, Green!:

Who’s that 90s kid across the Atlantic,

An American with a humble personality:

He’s your basic average man,

Who’d do everything he can

To keep things right-

Even if it plunges him into plight.

A cartoon addict with a soft side for Kim and Ron

He’s a big fan of their romantic relation.

They happened to be his first OTP;

And they truly mean a lot to him.

He may not know about you,

But you’re good if he’s next to you.

‘Cause he knows that when things go wrong,

We need to relax and listen to “You Need To Calm Down”.

He loves people from the whole world, including his country America.

Yes, I’m talking about our beloved Michael Nebbia.

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