Bradley Nicholson
Gender: Male
Hometown: Danville
Nemesis: Milo Murphy
Friends and Family
Mort Schaeffer
Love interests:
Carla the ice cream machine (Deceased)
Melissa Chase (possibly)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Going The Extra Milo"
Voiced by:
Vincent Martella
I'll be giving a tour... for anyone who's not going to be at the Milo show.

— Bradley Nicholson

Bradley Nicholson is a student at Jefferson County Middle School and one of Milo's classmates. He has a negative attitude and a strong disdain towards Milo.

He is voiced by Vincent Martella.[1]


Bradley tends to have a negative attitude towards nearly everything, but it's especially evident anytime he's around Milo. He complains about Milo's very presence anytime he's forced to share a space with him, and he often attempts to persuade Melissa to spend time with him instead of hanging out around Milo.

He loves attention and occasionally tries to earn it by sharing his knowledge with the class, telling them random facts and scientific tidbits. He can be rather dramatic when it comes to complaining and has shown himself to be incredibly emotional upon losing something important to him.

It is revealed that Bradley has a somewhat malicious streak, as shown when he deliberately teased a giraffe by offering it carrots and then smirking as he pulled them away again and again.

Physical Appearance

Bradley is a fair-skinned teenage boy with dark eyes and jet black hair with bangs that parted to one side. He's often seen with an annoyed expression.

He wears a pair of nearly rimless glasses and a gray shirt with thin white plaid lines and white cuffs that end at his elbows. His shirt has two pockets set symmetrically on the front and a downturned collar. Bradley wears a pair of dark gray jeans with visible seams and lighter colored cuffs, and his sneakers are a dark gray, with lighter colored soles and laces. He also owns a burgundy colored bookbag.

As of The Phineas and Ferb Effect, his right arm has become a wooden vine. This is a paradoxical leftover from the second Pistachion Takeover, as he had been turned into a Pistachion before the takeover had been averted.


In Going the Extra Milo, he starts the wager that Milo and Zack will not make it to school on time. He is shocked when the pair actually makes it seconds before the bell.

In The Undergrounders, he lectures the class on the way to the museum and is excited when Milo disappears, as he is ignored whenever Milo is around. He is stuck in a stegosaurus rib cage when Milo does arrive.

In Rooting for the Enemy, he tries to sit near Melissa but is detoured by Milo. He and everyone else move away from Milo when he comes to the football game. He bluntly states Milo is the reason their team is losing but is surprised when he caused their team to score by cheering for the opposing team.

In Sunny Side Up, he works with Mort and Amanda on their science project. He names his team, Team Melissa in an attempt to get her to join them, much to his teammates' annoyance. He arrogantly proclaims victory when his team's egg only gets a hairline fracture.

In Athledecamathalon, he is present when Mr. Drako tells his class about the combined event.

In The Substitute, he tried to warn Ms. Baxter about Murphy's Law. He prepares for Murphy's Law's effects and panics when a sentient blob attacks the class.

In We're Going to the Zoo, he is seen tantalizing a giraffe with carrots before a set of monkeys ride off on them, knocking him off the platform truck he was on.

In School Dance, he attended the Niagra Falls Fling and was seen dancing when Just Getting Started plays.

In The Llama Incident, he is seen in a flashback attending Spanish class with Milo, Melissa, and Diogee.

In Disaster of My Dreams, he talks with Elliot about Milo briefly and tells him to fix the water fountain.

In Some Like it Yacht, he warns the faculty about Milo being on a boat. He later becomes entranced by an ice cream machine he names "Carla" and becomes distraught over its destruction.

In World Without Milo, he is seen crossing the street to school. In the alternate timeline, he is dressed up as Milo by Elliot, much to his annoyance.

In The Phineas and Ferb Effect, Bradley is one of the first victims alongside Irving of Derek's M.U.L.C.H. machine, which transforms humans into Pistachions. He and the other characters that had been turned into merciless Pistachions chase Milo and the remaining survivors onto a rollercoaster. Heinz's future self, Professor Time, reaches the remaining humans just in time to pick up Orton and defeat Derek in 1955, which turns everything back to normal, aside from Bradley's right arm, which has remained a Pistachion vine.

In Snow Way Out, he makes a wager with Melissa to see if Zack and Milo make it to school on time with the loser shoveling out the winner’s driveway. While he initially wins the bet, he loses when the two arrive on time via time travel.

In Teacher Feature, he is seen in Ms. Murawski’s class when she falls in the sewers to save her desk and is saved by Scott.

In Pace Makes Waste, he hands out rotten produce to spectaculars to throw at Zack and Melissa for their bad announcing.



Milo Murphy

Main article: Bradley and Milo's Relationship
SWO (181)

Bradley can't stand Milo and goes out of his way to avoid him as dramatically as possible, often complaining about his proximity and berating him over every mishap. On top of this, Bradley is envious of the attention Milo receives for his condition and has claimed on a field trip that he was having his 'best day ever' until Milo inevitably returned. In spite of this, Bradley can be seen dancing to 'Just Getting Started' during a school dance.

Melissa Chase

SWO (26)

Bradley is friendlier to Melissa then he acts towards any other student, often asking her to sit with him or join his group for projects. His disdain for Milo, however, leads him to avoid spending time around her, too, even though she's open to his friendship. He appears to have a slight crush on her, although he tries to play it cool - such as naming his team 'Team Melissa', only to claim it was named after a different Melissa. He was all too happy to make a bet with her that Milo wouldn't make it to school.

Mort Schaeffer

Screenshot (3058)

Bradley seems to be on friendly terms with Mort and hangs out with him on more than one occasion. They worked on the same group project alongside Amanda, although Bradley pointed at Mort alongside the other students when mocking them for losing despite being on the same team. He often disregards Mort's beliefs, arguing against him about Pluto being a planet and questioning him over whether he really needs to collect so much rose quartz.

Amanda Lopez

Bradley is classmates with Amanda and the two tend to sit together on occasion. They worked on a group project with Mort and were the most successful team just under Milo's group. When Amanda warned their substitute that she should take a step back because of Murphy's Law, Bradley reinforced her words, saying she should step back all the way to Canada.


Elliot Decker

DOMD 110

Bradley is acquainted with Elliot and seems to be on relatively good terms with him. He asked Elliot to fix a drinking fountain in the middle school and then went on to compliment his wordplay when he declined. In an alternate timeline, Elliot paid Bradley five dollars to dress up like Milo and act out a script. Bradley seemed annoyed at this, but he went along with it anyway.


The moment Bradley met the ice cream machine he became immensely affectionate towards 'her', promptly giving her a name and spending the rest of his time in her presence. He was devastated by her destruction and sat on the floor bawling as Mort hosed the ice cream off of him. This continued on to the end of the trip, where Melissa scolded him for crying and pointed out that there was a guy selling ice cream right on the beach, to which he responded that it wasn't the same.


The image gallery for Bradley Nicholson may be viewed here.


“Sure you say that now, but then one geyser comes through the floor and suddenly Milo's the center of attention.”
—Bradley Nicholson[source]

“The one Milo free zone, ruined.”
—Bradley Nicholson[source]

“Who would have guessed that the game would be ruined. Color me surprised. Hmm. What's the one thing that's different at this game?”
—Bradley Nicholson[source]

“Yeah! In your face, other people!”
—Bradley Nicholson[source]

“Too slow! Too slow!”
—Bradley Nicholson, teasing a giraffe[source]

“Hello, beautiful. I'm Bradley. What's your name? No, no. Let me guess. It's Carla, isn't it? Yes. I'm gonna call you Carla.”
—Bradley Nicholson[source]

“Oh no. I spilled my marbles all over the ground.”
—Bradley Nicholson[source]


Season One

Season Two


  • Bradley's voice actor also portrayed Phineas Flynn in Phineas and Ferb.
    • Bradley has been described as the polar opposite of Martella's previous role, which would make him a negative, non-creative, non-triangular-shaped-headed guy. Which he kind of is.
  • In a promo on Disney XD Africa's YouTube channel, it states that Bradley feels he is the perfect soulmate for Melissa.
  • Much like Elliot Decker, his antagonistic relationship with Milo is one-sided on his part.
  • Bradley's plant arm was a change originally intended to be applied to Melissa.[2]


  2. Tweet by Joshua Pruett

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