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Now let's go win this cooking show by roller skating through an obstacle course.

Amanda Lopez

'"Cake 'Splosion!"'[2] is the eighth episode of the second season of Milo Murphy's Law.

Amanda is excited when she and Milo get to participate in her favorite TV show, Cake 'Splosion. However, since she has to work together with Milo, it also makes Amanda nervous about the potential calamity Murphy's Law brings.


During an assembly, it is announced that Basil Bravo is looking for contestants for his extreme baking show, Cake 'Splosion. After getting tangled in a ceiling fan, Milo is chosen for the show, and Amanda is also chosen per suggestion of Milo, as she is a huge fan of the show. Amanda is elated until she realizes she and Milo are on the same team. Despite Milo's assurance that he will do his best to pack his backpack to ensure there are no problems, Amanda remains worried. On the day of the show, everyone comes to watch them, except Martin who stays home to increase Milo and Amanda's chances of winning. Amanda initially asks Milo to be her "prep chef," having him stand aside and gather the ingredients while she does all the baking, which he agrees to. However, despite Murphy's Law and the cheating of one of the teams, Milo & Amanda do quite well, advancing to the final round.

At the Murphy house, Martin goes to watch the show but becomes entranced by Doof's soap opera. When he remembers the show, the Recurring Raccoon steals the remote and dunks it in the bird bath. Doof gets annoyed and finds his Transport-inator, but shoots Martin instead. He teleports to the show where his wife and daughter tell him Milo and Amanda are still in it.

Milo & Amanda prepare for the last round, and Milo offers to leave, to prevent Murphy's Law from acting up during the obstacle course. But Amanda insists he stay, adding that "things are just better when you're around." As they race to the finish line holding the cake and dodging obstacles, the remaining team trips and is attacked by goats. They almost make it but trip, due to Diogee, and their cake lands on Bravo. Milo apologizes but Amanda tells him she had fun. However Bravo liked the cake and the extreme way it was delivered and declared them the winners. Amanda hugs Milo and he blushes, as the episode irises out with a heart shape.


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Diogee, Go Home!

Amanda: We got it, Milo! We're almost there.
(Diogee barks)
Milo: But Diogee, you're not supposed to be in the mud! Go-
(Milo and Amanda trip over Diogee, and the cake flies off their hands)



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First appearance of Amanda's family

  • While Brigette is cheering on Amanda and Milo from the bleachers, an especially baffled woman and man are sitting to her right. Judging by the woman's coloring and design, it is likely that they are Amanda's parents. This is further evidenced when Milo and Amanda win the competition at the end of the episode, as the couple shares a hug when Brigette, Sara and Martin do so as well.
  • This episode reveals that Middletown, home of the Tigers and Middletown Middlemen, and Badgertown, a town that appears in the Phineas and Ferb episode "Der Kinderlumper", are both within the Tri-State Area, same as Danville.
  • Apparently, Doofenshmirtz has encountered Recurring Raccoon before.
  • When Amanda mentions potential disasters that could happen by working with Milo, she notes "wolves with bees on thier heads" ("Going the Extra Milo") and "a dinosaur made of ham" ("Family Vacation", "The Island of Lost Dakotas").
  • Amanda lapses into Spanish several times during this episode.
  • Cake 'Splosion appears to be filmed live seeing as how Martin was planning on watching the competition on television.
  • Amanda and Milo's relationship progresses in this episode when Amanda has her epiphany about Milo when she asks him to stay. She also happily hugs him as the episode closes on a heart-shaped iris, with Milo blushing.


  • Yakety Sax: During the scene where Doof and Martin Murphy chase the Recurring Raccoon, the music becomes reminiscent of "Yakety Sax".
  • Angry Birds: The second part of the final obstacle of Cake 'Splosion! is named Angry Goats, a reference to the gaming app, Angry Birds.
  • Phineas and Ferb: When Recurring Racoon is dunking the remote and the TV switches between channels. One of the channels is "Horse in a Bookcase".
  • Harry Potter: Amanda calling Murphy's Law "That shall not be named" is similar to the Harry Potter characters calling Voldemort "You know who".


  • The first time we see "Horse in a Bookcase" on the screen it is shown in the Flynn-Fletchers living room on the Flynn-Fletchers' TV.
  • During the Gumball Fury section of the final round, garbage lines appear on the gumballs, as well as Anthony, Ashley and their cake in some frames at the far right edge of the screen, which should've been cropped out. In the same scene, one particular frame has the ears of the bears on Milo and Amanda's cake being cut off and a black blot appearing on the far right cyan gumball.
  • At one frame during the song "Don't Say It's Over", Melissa is seen wearing her casual clothes.
  • In the second round of Cake 'Splosion, Ashley has the icing bag on her head where she was supposed to have it in the third round.

Cast and Characters

International Airings

  • Germany / Spain: September 14, 2018
  • India: November 8, 2018
  • Japan: January 13, 2019
  • Southeast Asia: March 26, 2019
  • Ukraine: September 1, 2019


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