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Cake 'Splosion is an extreme bake-off TV show that is introduced in the episode of the same name, hosted by Basil Bravo.

Amanda Lopez claims to have been a huge fan of Cake 'Splosion since her childhood. In the eponymous episode, Amanda got to participate with Milo for the next bake-off event for middle schoolers hosted by Cake 'Splosion, representing Jefferson County Middle School.

Show Staff

Image Team Position
BasilBravoThumbnail.png Basil Bravo Star/Host
JoseThumbnail.png Jose Assistant to Basil Bravo

Danville Episode Contestants

Image Team School
MiloAmandaIntroduced3.png Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez Danville, Jefferson County Middle School
JohnJakeFull.png John and Jake Jackson Middletown Middle School
RainStormFull.png Rain and Storm Badgertown Middle School
AnthonyAshleyFull.png Anthony and Ashley Huntington Hills, Park Shore Estates Middle School


In "Cake 'Splosion!", Basil Bravo visited Jefferson County Middle School and chooses Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez as contestants in the next episode of the show.



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