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Candace Gertrude Flynn is the 15 year old sister of Phineas Flynn, stepsister of Ferb Fletcher and the girlfriend of Jeremy Johnson. She appeared in the crossover episode.

She is voiced by Ashley Tisdale.


Candace was the only member of the Phineas and Ferb gang to express major doubt in keeping Milo around during their mission and even went as far as to remove him from the room herself. In spite of this, she soon learned that Murphy's law could benefit them, and graciously apologized quickly for her mistake.

According to Baljeet, she can be very intimidating.

Physical Appearance[]

Candace is a teenage girl with a round face, light skin, a small, pointed nose, and dark blue eyes. Her long orange hair has a sharp angle at the top and curls outward near the bottom.

She wears a sleeveless red shirt with a darker red collar alongside a short white skirt and a red belt. Her shoes are white sandals with a single strap, worn over a pair of red socks.


Candace displays unusual strength, speed and, athleticism, being able to move inhumanely as she gets to downtown form her home in mere second, taking down alligators, and avoiding hazards, which she also exhibits acrobatics, she is known for being the most durable character due to her unwavering urge to bust and taking punishments from the environment or her brothers, she has skills like building in a lesser extent, sculpture building (except castles), and deconstructing with her bare hands.

She is also an excellent singer, and can play instruments, albeit that starts with letter "B." And she was also a Fireside girl. who was able to obtain 50 patches in one day.


She is the 15 year old sister of Phineas and Ferb whose wish to live the life of a normal teenager is broken by her brothers' creative abilities and the various projects they embark on. Candace constantly tries to get her brothers in trouble for their daily activities by showing said projects to their mother, Linda Flynn-Fletcher, but she has yet to succeed.

Recent Events[]

In "The Phineas and Ferb Effect", Candace ran into the gang while playing a game on her phone, initially unaware of the invasion. After being rescued by her brothers, Candace tried to remove Milo from the mission to prevent Murphy's law from ruining anything but soon found that they could use it to their advantage. Upon being captured, Candace was turned into a Pistachion until Derek was finally defeated.


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“Oh, you do not know her! She can be very intimidating.”
—Baljeet Tjinder about Candace[src]
“I never thought I'd be glad to see one of your big crazy contraptions!”
—Candace Flynn[src]
“Uh, well, maybe Milo isn't the best guy to have around, since we have to, y'know, save humanity. No offense.”
—Candace Flynn[src]


Season Two[]


  • When affected by allergies, Candace shares the same voice actor as Vinnie Dakota, show co-creator Dan Povenmire.
  • She had a planned appearance in "Managing Murphy's Law", but her appearance was scrapped for time.
  • She is similar to Milo in that she has a tendency to have misfortune befall her.

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