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That's okay, Gary. We won't let that judgmental man ruin a perfectly good Wednesday.

— The Captain, "The Island of Lost Dakotas"

The Captain is the captain of a cargo ship that dropped Dakota off near the Island. He dresses more like a cruise director than the captain of a cargo ship.


When Dakota first arrived, the captain was very hospitable, treating him in the manner of a friendly host. Quickly after meeting, however, Dakota accidentally offended him by showing his surprise at the fact that he was the captain of such a large ship. The Captain promptly went on a long rant and proceeded to treat Dakota very passive-aggressively until the end of his trip. His parrot seemed to dislike Dakota as much as he did, and he agreed with the bird and even held him back, reminding him to rise above.

Physical Appearance

The captain is a man with light skin and dark blue eyes. His short blond hair is slicked back. He wears a bright pink polo with short sleeves, a white collar, and a single pocket. His shorts are a green-brown color, and he wears a pair of black sneakers with white soles and laces.


In "The Island of Lost Dakotas", he allowed Dakota to board his cargo ship on a one way trip to an island. He was insulted when Dakota did not believe he was the captain of the cargo ship he was taking and passive-aggressively brushed off his apology.



“You've booked one-way passage to the unknown island shrouded in mystery. Your room for the trip's on deck Y next to the cargo hold. You may hear the sounds of caged, wild, exotic animals, but your room comes with a complimentary bottle of water and satellite TV.”
—The Captain[src]

“Sir, I graduated top of my class at Naval Academy, and for eleven years I've led this crew to the darkest parts of the ocean.”
—The Captain[src]

“Gary, we're better than that. Leave the judgmental man alone as he rows off to his doom.”
—The Captain[src]



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