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Hello, beautiful. I'm Bradley. What's your name? No, no. Let me guess. It's Carla, isn't it? Yes. I'm gonna call you Carla.

— Bradley Nicholson, "Some Like it Yacht"

Carla is a soft serve ice cream dispenser that Bradley Nicholson becomes obsessed with in "Some Like it Yacht" and becomes distraught when "she" is destroyed when the S.S. Indulgence becomes stranded on an island.

Physical Appearance

Carla is an ice cream machine made up of a large metal cone topped with bright pink 'ice cream' complete with various sprinkles colored in red, blue, purple, and white. She has three round, bright red levers, two on either side and one in the front, that can be used to dispense the ice cream from the nozzles just below.

A large sign reading 'ICE CREAM' is on the wall behind Carla, displayed alongside a logo made up of three cones full of pink ice cream and a light purple border.


In "Some Like it Yacht", Bradley discovers Carla after following Milo, Zack, and Mort into the galley of the Yacht. She is destroyed shortly after the yacht crashes, much to Bradley's despair.

In "The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club", Amanda responds to Bradley's malcontent demeanor saying he'd probably just never fallen in love. Bradley responds saying that he had, and begins bawling over Carla.


  • The fact that Bradley thought the ice-cream machine was beautiful and called her Carla may reference Bradley and Carla in the book, There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom! by Louis Sachar (in which the main character, Bradley Chalkers, meets the beautiful counselor Carla Davis, who becomes very popular among the students. It is Carla who changes Bradley for the better, making him decide to stop being a bully.)



“Hello, beautiful. I'm Bradley. What's your name? No, no. Let me guess. It's Carla, isn't it? Yes. I'm gonna call you Carla.”
—Bradley Nicholson[src]

“Yup, but we're still washing the Carla off of Bradley.”
—Zack Underwood[src]

“Bradley, there's a guy selling ice cream right there on the beach!”
“It's not the same!”
Melissa and Bradley, After Bradley continues crying[src]

“Oh, Bradley. You've probably just never fallen in love.”
“Yes I have! Caaaarlaaaaaaaa!”
Amanda and Bradley[src]