The van is a vehicle used by Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota after they'd been hired by P.I.G.


The vehicle is a large, pale green van with two doors on either side and two in the back. There is a metal roof rack on top of the van, and flimsy metal mirrors on either side of the windshield.


The front of the vehicle has two pale yellow seats, fitting the driver and a passenger. The majority of the interior is taken up by an open space that can be used for storage or transportation.


In "Disco Do-Over", the van makes its first appearance when Cavendish and Dakota drive up to an old lady's cottage for a mission. Later, they use it to escape the old lady while she violently gives chase. The van suffers major damage when the old lady rips off the front windshield and they hit a fire hydrant.

In "Managing Murphy's Law", the van gets filled with Slushy Burger wrappers as Cavendish and Dakota accidentally get their memories erased after repeatedly driving past an alien device. Eventually, after evading the police, the van suffers major damage when it hits an alien spacecraft.

In "Field of Screams", they drove through a cornfield before putting on two alien costumes that Dakota keeps in the van.

In "Parks and Wreck", Dakota orders Doofenshmirtz, who'd volunteered to help him with his job, to leave the van and start helping after they'd reached the place he was supposed to clean up alien trash.

In "Milo in Space", Dakota goes through the van when looking for a component missing from the Alien Spacecraft.



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