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Colonel Maise Niblet[1] is the boss of Lieutenant Tennant and head of the Government Agents.


He is shown to not think things through, this causes Lieutenant Tennant to often make suggestions to his plans for better outcomes. He is very stern and tough.

Physical Appearance[]

He wears a gray shirt under a black coat and pants. He also wears a black tie and black shoes. He has a large crooked nose, yellow sunglasses, and white hair.


In "The Note", Tennant brings to his attention how it would be much easier to just drive Wilson out of the parade than to disintegration/reintegration ray to get rid of him.

In "Family Vacation", when Tennant picks up the Murphy's RV he tells Tennant not to use the disintegration/reintegration ray and instead just drop them off in the Colorado River.

In "Now I Am a Murphy", he explained the history of the Cyborg Bear and quickly evacuated Dead Man's Bluff, only for the Cyborg Bear to land himself on top of their helicopter and by shoved off by Tennant pushing the button for the windshield wipers.

In "Freefall", he put popcorn in the microwave and went away from it to listen to Tennant's report of Milo's parachute. He then watches Krillhunter with Tennant. When they notice the damage Milo has caused to their base, he sees Cavendish and Dakota's plane and blames them for the damage, causing him to get mad and order Tennant to shot at their plane. He then comes back with a burnt bag of popcorn and says "I am never going to hear the end of this.", since everyone will now laugh at him for burning his popcorn.


Lieutenant Tennant[]

He seems close to his Lieutenant, but still gives him orders and treats him with little respect. He does however listen to his suggestion. The two work well with each other and watch over various locations of Danville.

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“An RV? We're supposed to be abducting cows.”
“Disintegrator ray sir?”
“You know it's not the answer to everything just because it's the closest button.”
Colonel Niblet and Lieutenant Tennant
“This better be important Lieutenant Tennant, my microwave popcorn is slowing down to three to four pops per second, and if I'm not their to stop it, it will burn. And then I'm "The Guy Who Burned the Popcorn In The Office Microwave" and I'll never here the end of it!”
—Niblet, explaining his situation to Tennant[src]
“Dad blast it!”
“Uh sir? Your dad's not here.”
“Then somebody else blast them!”
Niblet, and Tennant[src]


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