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Watch where you step! It ain't all mud!

— Cornelius, leaving Zack and his friends, "Field of Screams"

Uncle Cornelius is a farmer that works hard and could use the extra help. He is also the uncle of Zack Underwood.


He appears to be very nice, loving and trusting especially to his family. This is shown when he trusts Zack to take care of his farm, even when his brother thought Zack couldn't handle it.

Physical Appearance

He wears a red plaid shirt over a white undershirt. He wears blue overalls with yellow gloves. He also wears brown shoes with a green, yellow, and black hat. He has brown skin with gray hair and mustache.


In "Field of Screams", he gives Zack, Milo, and Melissa chores to do around his farm. He's impressed by what a great job they did when he comes back to check on them.



“Not sure about your fashion choices, but we'll make a farm boy out of you yet!”
— Cornelius