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The Cyborg-Bear is a cybernetic grizzly bear that was created by the Government Agents.


He seems to be energetic and doesn't care about what harm he goes through to cause harm to others.

As of "The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club", the Cyborg Bear has developed a hatred for Milo Murphy and seeks out to specifically destroy him for revenge.

Thanks to the government granting him a cybernetic brain, the bear has developed human intelligence, being able to read and understand written text.

Physical Appearance 

He has rough brown fur with a robotic half-mask, foot, and arm. He also has a robotic red eye and antenna.


The government found him wounded and gave him a cyborg brain.

In “Now I Am a Murphy”, he escapes from his cage in the woods and after attempted to attack the Murphy men, but he was thwarted by Murphy's Law and eventually fell down a sinkhole.

In “The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club”, he gets out of the sinkhole and tracks down Milo Murphy to exact revenge on him. When he finds him, Murphy's Law causes him to be covered in various objects around the classroom before being frozen solid.




  • His mask is similar to Cyborg's from Teen Titans.
  • He was given one task: destroy man.
  • As a cub, he bears a strong resemblance to Koda from Brother Bear.