Danville Forest, also called Danville Woods is a forested area just outside Danville. It is where the Octalian Ship crashes on after Murphy's Law from Milo affects the whole ship. Balthazar Cavendish also goes rouge here in order to warn the people about the alien ship, investigate it and try to find the abducted person.


In "Abducting Murphy's Law", while the Octalians are taking Milo to their home planet Octalia, their ship is affected by Milo's negative probability ions. Milo falls out from the ship, and the Octalians escape using the escape pod. Later, Milo lands safely by using the balloons from Doofenshmirtz's Shenanigan-ator. Milo then tells his friends about his day and Zack hopes they won't meet those aliens again, but Milo's robotic head tells them it might be the other way around.

In "Look At This Ship", Balthazar Cavendish goes rouge and records some video logs about his trip in the forest. During one video, he has found the alien ship. He tries to warn people about it by sending his picture to the authorities, or inviting news reporters; but he fails every time due to the cloaking device malfunctioning from the ship. Cavendish then attempts to take the ship to the people, but he doesn't know how to control the ship and in result, gets wrecked.

In "Cavendish Unleashed", Milo, Melissa and Zack join a camp for doing unusual activities. Meanwhile, Cavendish reveals he has failed to show the ship to the public for 37 times. His next plan is to try to find the person who is abducted. While pushing buttons randomly, he accidentally released a giant alien. Then he is being dragged by the alien through the forest and helpfully, destroys all the plans from some companies trying to harm the Danville Woods. In addition, the Mayor has signed the contract to protect the forest safely, without being affected by the rampage. The trio also helps Cavendish by using the skills they have learned from the camp to save him and lure the alien back to the cage. Later, it is revealed to Cavendish that Milo is the abducted person he has been trying to help. Cavendish then thinks it must be some sort of mistaken identity, but a few seconds later he sees the whole room with pictures targeting on Milo from his adventures. He runs back warn Milo, only to activate freezing beams and get him stuck in a big ice block.


Cavendish Unleashed (88)
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