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Director is the film director who was put in charge of directing Krillhunter: Lady Krillers.


He is a firm guy and does not change his goals for other's satisfaction. When he makes a plan he stays and makes sure it is done. He is made extremely happy when things work out the way he wants them to.

Physical Appearance

He has tan skin with with dark green eyes, dark brown hair along with a dark brown beard and mustache.

He wears a brown jacket over a white t-shirt. Below his waist, he wears blue jeans with dark grey shoes. On his head, he wears a blue beanie.


In "Lady Krillers", his producer says yes to his idea of a Krillhunters remake with women after his pitch. He later holds auditions for the main female cast and rejects Tobias Trollhammer.

Tobias later comes back disguised as a woman, thanks to Milo, Melissa, and Zack, and he has Tobias complete a series of challenges to make sure (s)he's physically ready to perform the role.

The Director was about to give the job to Trollhammer, but right before he did Cavendish and Dakota came and run into Tobias and knocked Tobias' wig right of him. The Director than blows up at Tobias and tells him that he will never give Tobias a role. However, Tobias stands up for himself and yells and inspiring speech about why he deserves to be in his movie. Because of Tobias' angry speech the Director offers Tobias the role of the villain, which Tobias excepts.

He then shakes Tobias' hand and steps into his helicopter. Milo then approaches the Director and asks him how the continuity of the Krillhunter films will work if Tobias plays both a hero and a villain. The Director then flies away and blabbers that he doesn't care about the what's canon and what's not.