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I heard humans can spit acid that can burn through the hull!

— Dorsal, "Abducting Murphy's Law"

Dorsal is an orange, often nervous Octalian who works under the Alien Commander.

He is voiced by Brock Powell.


Throughout the events of having Milo aboard the ship, Dorsal was freaked out about being in close proximity with a human, and continuously made superstitious claims about the dangerous nature of the species while the other Octalians were trying to sort through the chaos.

Dorsal claims to have heard that humans could spit powerful acid, and later draws a picture illustrating what he believed was going on in the vents during the search for Milo. The drawing depicts an image of a vicious looking, sharp-toothed Milo wrapping an Octalian up in a nest made of webs like a spider does, surrounded by tiny Milo 'hatchlings'.

Physical Appearance

Dorsal is an orange Octalian with a pronounced lip and forehead, as well as having yellow spots on his chin and mantle. Like the rest of the crew, he wears a deep blue uniform with a red, upturned collar and red highlights. Dorsal was the only Octalian to dress in extra safety gear throughout the events of having Milo aboard the ship, and wore a green helmet and a pair of safety goggles alongside the pillows he'd taped around his body, which he still seems to wear even without the pillows.


In "Abducting Murphy's Law", Dorsal contributes to the panic after Milo escapes into the vents by claiming that he'd heard humans could spit acid strong enough to burn through the hull of the ship. He continues to contribute to the fear throughout the search but celebrates with the others after Milo rescues them.



“I heard humans can spit acid that can burn through the hull!”

“If I may, ma'am, and please excuse my crude drawings... this is our best guess. The human is likely taking them to his newly constructed web layer in the vents and feeding them to his hatchlings.”



  • The way he is often pushed aside because of his supernatural theories is similar to Chad.