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Okay, time to end this, eh? I know I'm rushing this, but I'm like, an evil Canadian... I'm not polite!

— Dr. Not Sorry, "Agee Ientee Diogee"

Dr. Not Sorry is an evil scientist from Canada. He considers himself the sworn enemy of Agent G.

He is voiced by Brock Powell.


Dr. Not Sorry was determined to defeat Agent G and went through great lengths to fight with him using a variety of different tools and objects. He prides himself on being Canadian and behaves in a manner that follows many different Canadian stereotypes, while actively working against other Canadian Stereotypes on the grounds of being evil.

Physical Appearance

Dr. Not Sorry has pale skin, light colored eyes, and thick, dark eyebrows. He wears a knee-length, closed white lab coat with red plaid stripes over a blue dress shirt with a dark tie. His pants are black, and he wears a pair of brown shoes and glasses.

Dr. Not Sorry also wears a red tuque with matching red and white mittens.


According to Dr. Not Sorry, Agent G blew up his maple tree mountain fortress in the past. The evil scientist survived the explosion thanks to his explosion proof plaid lab coat.

Recent Events

In "Agee Ientee Diogee", Dr. Not Sorry traps Agent G in fast hardening maple syrup before the agent could enter one of O.W.C.A.'s secret lairs. The two of them end up in a fight that lasts the entirety of the episode, only ending when Dr. Not Sorry falls down a waterfall.



“Good day, Agent G! While you're trying to escape my fast hardening maple syrup, ya have to be asking yourself, how's my sworn enemy Dr. Not sorry, greatest Canadian evil scientist ever, like, still alive, eh? ”
—Dr. Not Sorry[src]

“I mean, I like, blew up his maple tree mountain fortress, eh? Well guess what? My plaid lab coat doesn't just look good, it's like, explosion proof, eh? Ain't it a beauty?”
—Dr. Not Sorry[src]

“Okay, time to end this, eh? I know I'm rushing this, but I'm like, an evil Canadian... I'm not polite!”
—Dr. Not Sorry[src]

“Not sorry! Not sorry! Not sorry! Not sorry about that one!”
—Dr. Not Sorry[src]

“How you ever escaped those killer electro beavers, let alone beat Mr. Skate and his team of henchmen is beyond me, eh? Goodbye Agent G!”
—Dr. Not Sorry[src]


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