Elliot Decker
Gender: Male
Age: Two Years Older then Sara Murphy (19-20)
Height: Between Sara Murphy and Elizabeth Milder
Nationality: America, possible Slavic ancestry
Nemesis: Milo Murphy
Professional Information
  Volunteer School Crossing Guard
Friends and Family
Ms. Decker (mother)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Note"
Voiced by:
Christian Slater
Stop! Milo.

— Elliot Decker

Elliot Decker is a volunteer school crossing guard who is always on the look-out for Milo.

He is voiced by Christian Slater.[1]


Elliot is obsessed with safety before anything and dedicates every waking moment of his day to it. Whether he's constantly wearing his safety vest or spying on Milo, his focus is on making things safer to the point that he even dreams about it as he sleeps with his stop sign in hand.


In spite of his dedication to the cause, he seems to have a very unusual idea of what 'safety' means, and more often then not he completely misses the mark. This can be seen when he duct tapes a fire extinguisher box closed because of the sharp corners, unfortunately making the actual fire extinguisher inaccessible in the process.

He's very proud of his dedication to safety, and works as a volunteer crossing guard, although he makes the job seem much larger then it really is. When he finds out movie star Tobias Trollhammer is in town, he extends his crosswalk all the way to the filming so that he could act as an unofficial bodyguard. Elliot constantly refers to himself as the 'Safety Czar', and fully believes in the importance of his role.

Screenshot (4041)

Elliot is constantly plagued by attacking ducks. Whenever it happens, he tends to run away screaming.

When it comes to Milo, Elliot can be a very harsh, and often cruel person. The disasters caused by Murphy's law goes against his dedication to safety, and he has full out insulted Milo on a number of occasions, refusing to cut him any slack. In spite of this, he is often friendly to others, regardless of how arrogant he's acting.

Physical Appearance

Elliot is a young man with an auburn mullet, a prominent chin, and a large, pointed nose. He constantly wears a pair of dark sunglasses that completely hide his eyes.

He wears a yellow safety vest with reflective stripes and orange highlights over a very light blue short sleeve button up shirt. His pants are black jeans with visible seams and he wears a pair of dark gray sneakers with lighter gray soles and laces.


In The Note, he stopped Milo and his friends before they crossed the street to school. After they found Milo's doctor's note he was accidentally disintegrated by agents, much to the confusion of the trio. He was then reintegrated along with numerous astronauts.

In Party of Peril, Melissa called him to stall Milo. He did so, but was eventually assaulted by a duck and hit with two tires.

In Smooth Opera-tor, he was chased across the stage of the Danville Opera House by another duck.

In Time Out, he was startled by a giant mutated rat coming out of the ground. However, Brick and Savannah erased this timeline.

In The Little Engine That Couldn't, his scream is heard when he was nearly hit by a runaway antique fire engine.

In Missing Milo, he tried to stop Sara, Melissa, and Zack from running, but hastily leaves when he sees a time portal open in front of him.

In Star Struck, he acted as Tobias Trollhammer's bodyguard, Despite his uniform being fake. He preventing Milo from getting through until he was attacked by ducks.

In Disaster of My Dreams, He went on a trial period for Jefferson County Middle School as their new safety monitor but spent the entire day following Milo around rather than inspecting the school.

In World Without Milo, he wishes Milo never existed after being fed up with Murphy's Law. He gets his wish but soon regrets it before running into Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish. He's elated when they fix it, only to find that the new timeline contained multiple Milos.

In Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!, he followed a runaway truck and found Milo and Zack in it. The truck rolled away again and he followed before losing his bike and ending up in a tree. He caught up with them at Jefferson County Middle School, exhausted, and scared Milo, Melissa, and Sara. Afterward, he complimented Marcus Underwood on his costume.

In The Phineas and Ferb Effect, he is one of the last to be captured by the Pistachion forces. As he is captured he is attacked by a duck.

In Pace Makes Waste, he and Milo rode a Safety Car.


Milo Murphy

Main article: Elliot and Milo's Relationship
Screenshot (4025)

Elliot constantly makes Milo the focal point of his obsession with safety and goes out of his way to inconvenience him on a daily basis in order to 'protect the city'. Murphy's Law caused Elliot to become obsessed with stopping Milo, to the point he wrote Milo's name on the back of his stop sign, and he's given up his chance at earning a safety-related career after spending the day spying on Milo instead.

He despises Milo to the point he told him to his face that the world would be a better place without him. After experiencing a world without Milo in an alternate timeline, however, Elliot came to the realization that a world without Murphy's law to keep him on his toes made his own existence pointless. In spite of this, he treats Milo much the same.

Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood

Screenshot (3634)

As Milo's closest friends, they tend to be around when Elliot confronts Milo, much to their annoyance. He ignores them when they call him out on his various antics, and he isn't phased when they get rightfully angry at him for his behavior. Melissa has used his obsession with safety to her advantage a few times, although he's oblivious to the manipulation.

Elizabeth Milder

Elliot used to be a student at Principal Milder's school, and as the school's official crossing guard, she put him under consideration for a position as the school safety inspector. He was very happy about this and spent the day trying to hide various disasters from her in order to get the position. In the end, he failed after accidentally destroying her car, and she refused him the position, much to his dismay.

Bradley Nicholson

Elliot is acquainted with Bradley and seems to be on relatively good terms with him. In an alternate timeline, Elliot paid Bradley to dress up like Milo and act out a script he'd written to make it seem like his dedication to safety was needed.

Sara Murphy

At one point, Elliot was in school at the same time as Sara, although they were a few grades apart. He remembers her from school and tried to remind her that they knew each other, although his speech only made her uncomfortable.

Cavendish and Dakota

Elliot doesn't know them very well, but he is aware of the fact that they are time travelers. In an alternate timeline in which Milo never existed, he found out that Cavendish and Dakota accidentally caused it, and asked them if they could fix it.


Elliot gallery
The image gallery for Elliot Decker may be viewed here.


“They're quite tasty and they're half price this week!”
—Elliot Decker[source]

“I'm like the wind! I'm everywhere and nowhere!”
—Elliot Decker[source]

“Be sure to watch your step. And I mean that in two ways. I mean watch your step, and, watch your step.”
—Elliot Decker[source]

“Safety is my life. Safety is my middle name. I eat safety for breakfast.”
—Elliot Decker[source]

“I'm saying that Milo is a menace, and this world would be a better place without him!”
—Elliot Decker[source]

“I said you didn't spill the marbles! You gotta say — you gotta say the line as you're spilling the marbles!”
—Elliot Decker[source]

“Milo, I don't ever want to not see you anymore! Ever again!”
—Elliot Decker[source]

“Hey! Uneven payload, expired license plate, unauthorized Halloween signage? Not on my watch, buster!”
—Elliot Decker[source]

“Milo... Where's... my... bike?!!!”
—Elliot Decker[source]


Season One

Season Two


  • Elliot constantly refers to himself as a safety czar rather than a crossing guard.
    • Czar is a title of Slavic (Eastern European) kings, hinting that he sees himself as the king of safety. It could also be a hint at possible Slavic ancestry.
  • In World Without Milo he states that While Sara Murphy was a sophomore he was a senior, making him about two years older than her. This would place his age at late teens or early twenties.
  • He sleeps with his STOP sign, which is made out of lead.
  • It is possible that he appreciates musicals, considering his numbers in Disaster of My Dreams and World Without Milo.
  • His name may possibly be a reference to Elliot Alderson, the main protagonist of Mr. Robot, in which Christian Slater co-stars as the titular character.
  • He sells strawberry waffles. In the week of "The Note", they are half-priced, as he wore a button on his vest to advertise it.
  • Much like Bradley Nicholson, his antagonistic relationship with Milo is one-sided on his part.



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