Evan Chaffe

...I woke up with this bruise, and that's a sure sign of an alien abduction. Evan Chaffe

Evan Chaffe is a member of KOOKS, who believes in the existence of aliens.

He is voiced by Hal Sparks.


Evan is passionate about the existence of aliens. Like the other members of KOOKS, he meets to share his experiences with abductions and paranormal events that he can relate to extraterrestrial activity.

In spite of his passion and conviction for the subject, he has a hard time remembering the 'details' of his encounter. He failed to believe Cavendish after he'd explained his job as an alien garbage man, and helped throw him out for mocking them.

According to Cavendish, Chaffe doesn't have a mind to blow.

Physical Appearance

Evan has olive toned skin, brown eyes, and short, dark brown hair. There are prominent lines under his eyes, and he has a bruise on his forehead. He wears an open blue jacket with two pockets, a downturned collar, and sleeves rolled up to his elbows over a white undershirt. His pants are pale beige with visible seams down the sides, and he wears a pair of brown shoes.


In "Milo's Shadow", he attends a KOOKS meeting, claiming to have been abducted and examined by aliens. He later helped throw Cavendish out with the other KOOKS members.


You're preaching to the choir.Evan Chaffe

Did they examine you in horrible, demeaning ways?Evan Chaffe

It was because of those aliens that I got this bruise on my head.Evan Chaffe

I remember it all, so clear! They had me strapped to some sort of examining table. There were two of them. Maybe three. No, maybe more than that... A couple more? No... maybe less.Evan Chaffe

Hold on to your hats, gentlemen, and prepare to have your minds blown! Ah, I mean... those of you who have one to blow. Balthazar Cavendish about Evan Chaffe



  • His abduction appears to have just been a dream he had.
  • He sleeps in his clothes.
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