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Zack: How long have you been down here?
Scott: Since... 'the before times'!
Foreman: Uh, about a month, actually. We were building an extension on this line, but we got lost so we figured we'd better establish a new civilization.

— Zack, Scott, and the foreman, "The Undergrounders"

The Foreman is one of the undergrounders. Like most of the group, he chose to go back to his old life after being rescued from the underground.

He is voiced by John Hodgman.


The Foreman introduced the group when they first met Milo and then went on to explain their situation. He speaks very dryly, and constantly corrects Scott when he makes dramatic statements. In spite of this, the foreman is almost just as prone to making unusual decisions, such as deciding to start a new civilization after their group got lost underground.

Physical Appearance

The Foreman has a stocky build and a round face with short brown hair and a beard of stubble. He wears a tattered one-piece maintenance uniform with a dull orange hard hat, torn green gloves, and a heavy pair of brown boots with laces. There is a giant tool strapped to his back, secured with lines of rope.


He and his coworkers got lost while working on a subway tunnel and decided to start a new civilization underground. They spent about a month in Subterranus before Milo and his friends discovered them.

Recent Events

In "The Undergrounders", he greeted Milo, Zack, and Melissa when they arrived in Subterranus. He followed them out of the underground and decided to go back to his old life.



“No they don't Scott. We voted on this. 'Belownies' sounds like a lunch meat. We're called the Undergrounders.”

“Uh, about a month, actually. We were building an extension on this line, but we got lost so we figured we'd better establish a new civilization.”
“Wow. You established a new civilization in a month?”
“You'd be surprised how much you can get done when you're not constantly setting up and moving orange cones.”
Foreman and Milo Murphy[src]

“Oh, no thanks. I just had some... chicken and... kinda lost my appetite.”

“I am impressed, kid. I would've just let them start a new society in there.”

“I'm sure it'll all work out!”
“You're sure...”
“He uses that term loosely.”
Milo, Foreman and Zack[src]

“Then you can stay, Scott. Me? I'm going to go check my DVR. I've got a month of The Doctor Zone Files to catch up on.”



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