Species: Gargoyle
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!
Last Appearance:
  Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!

Gargoyle narrates the story from his perch on the Scream-A-Torium. His only appearance is in Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!.

This stone creature is displayed on top of the entrance to the Scream-A-Torium.


He spent his time perched above the truck giving a calm narration of the story. While his narration was good, he gave the occasional interruption, as seen when he forgot the word 'Cliffhanger', leaving the audience on a cliffhanger in the process.

Physical Appearance

He is a large gargoyle made completely of stone. His face has strong, angular features with thick eyebrows, sharp teeth, and long, pointed horns. While his body appears mostly humanoid, he has a large pair of wings and a long tail.


In Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!, he sits perched above the back of the decommissioned truck and gives a loose narration of the story.



“Good evening, children and immature adults!”

“And this is where we end the first half with a — what do you call it when they're hanging off the end of a cliff? Oh, never mind. See you after the break.”

“Cliffhanger! That's the word I was looking for. Oh, I'm sorry. Go back to the story.”



  • He was the first character to narrate a episode, the second would be Milo Murphy in the episode "Safety First" and later Doofenshmirtz in the same episode.

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