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The Government Agents are a mysterious and strange group, likely working for the government, that are assigned equally mysterious, strange, and seemingly random missions.

Physical Appearance

They all usually wear black suits, dark pants, and dark sunglasses.

Notable Members

Image Name Position
ColonelNibletPic Colonel Niblet Colonel
F (135) Lieutenant Tennant Lieutenant
Screenshot (3701) Wolinsky Agent
UnnamedLookoutPic Unnamed Lookout Lookout

Notable Objects

They seem to have a high budget, as they use a variety of gadgets for all the missions they do. They use a drone and many other surveillance equipment linked to an impressive multiscreen setup while having a disintegration/reintegration ray on stand by in "The Note". In "Family Vacation", they have a helicopter that has an extendable claw.


Season One

Season Two


  • They appear in the theme song.
  • They seem to have named an area (possibly Danville) "The Murphy Sector".
  • As of now, it is unknown what actual goals, affiliations, or importance this group holds.
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