Gretchen portrait
Gender: Female
Professional Information
  Bureau of Time Travel
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "School Dance"
Voiced by:
Eileen Galindo
Mr. Block: You were supposed to do it yesterday!

Gretchen: I am doing it yesterday.

— Mr. Block and Gretchen, "School Dance"

Gretchen is an employee of the B.o.T.T., although her job seems to revolve around assisting Mr. Block in handling the field agents rather than working on the field herself. She's had only a single appearance.

She is voiced by Eileen Galindo.


She doesn't seem to have any motivation to work, even in face of Mr. Block's annoyance when he scolded her for failing to do her job. This is seen in the episode "School Dance" when she forgets to deliver a map and some wooden stakes to Cavendish and Dakota in time for their mission. Instead, upon being reminded, she uses time travel to deliver them the day before. Her sarcastic, monotone statement afterward makes clear her lack of regard for her job. 

Physical Appearance

Gretchen has short, dark brown hair and dark eyes. She wears a pair of thin framed glasses and desaturated red lipstick that matches her triangular earrings.

Her uniform, much like Mr. Block's in theme and color scheme, is a futuristic black outfit with gray sides and red sleeves. She wears a matching belt with a gold buckle, alongside a pair of black gloves.

Much like her monotonous tone of speech, her indifferent expression seems to reflect the overall lack of interest she has in her job.


In "School Dance", Mr. Block yells for Gretchen when he finds out that the supplies for Cavendish and Dakota's mission were never delivered. He lectures her when she arrives, but she couldn't care less, and monotonously leaves to deliver the supplies on time through time travel.



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