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Hamosaur is a large metal statue that looks like a dinosaur made entirely of ham - other than bacon claws - though Hamosaur 2 seemed to have its claws also made out of ham.

Physical Appearance

Hamosaur looks like a massive, towering dinosaur made entirely of metal and meat, all of which is the same, uncooked, meaty pink color. It has large, bulging spherical eyes with round black pupils and a wide, gaping mouth with sharp white teeth. There are many large chunks of ham taped over its entire body. Its claws are made of bacon.

Hamosaur 2.0

Hamosaur version 2.0 is nearly identical, but rather than having claws made out of long strips of bacon, its claws are the same standard metal as the rest of the statue.


In "Family Vacation", it gets hooked on the back of the Brulee's RV due to Murphy's Law. After the RV enters the Colorado River during a rain shower, a rock claims the statue and the Brulee twins realize what an impact he has made on their life the two minutes they have known "him".

In "The Island of Lost Dakotas", Milo, Melissa, and Zack head to see the replacement on its tour after Milo has a flashback from "Family Vacation". They accidentally run into him during their tangled journey and after going on a rampage around Danville, it replaces the museum's T-Rex in his dramatic collision with the antique fire engine from "The Little Engine That Couldn't".

In "A Christmas Peril", a future Dakota used the original Hamosaur to destroy part of the Bureau of Time Travel building, where a Christmas party was being held.

In "Managing Murphy's Law", Just Getting Started performs in front of Hamosaur 2 and the antique fire engine at the Forget the Llamas, Save the Alpacas benefit concert. Hamosaur 2 aids Cavendish and Dakota in delivering fireworks for the end of Just Getting Started's performance.


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“Oh and here's my favourite up here. Hamosaur: a dinosaur made entirely out of ham. Except for his claws, which are bacon.”
Milo Murphy[src]

“Two minutes ago I didn't even know he existed. And now my life feels empty without him.”
Charlene or Sharon[src]

“Hamosaur 2 waits for no man!”
Zack Underwood[src]

“I'm gonna need a bigger dinosaur.”
Vinnie Dakota (about recruiting Hamosaur)[src]


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