A ceiling fan falls on Doofenshmirtz, a typical example of Heinz's Law.

Heinz's Law is what Heinz Doofenshmirtz refers his own bad luck as, which he seems to have as early as in Phineas and Ferb and continues to have throughout the events of Milo Murphy's Law. It is named after Murphy's Law, as Doofenshmirtz compares to it as "his own kind of Murphy's Law". Doofenshmirtz notes later that the bad things that happen to him are probably less a universal law, and more to do with his impulsive and clumsy nature along with his lack of planning skills and common sense.


Unlike Murphy's Law, which only makes the Murphy's surroundings or current situation tougher to get out of, Heinz Law only hurts Doofenshmirtz or makes his plans fail.

It has been seen turning simple tasks difficult, such as trying to walk through a hallway. It may have also caused Doofenshmirtz's terrible childhood in Gimmelshtump, several of Doofenshmirtz attempts to take over the Tri-State Area fail, and Doofenshmirtz being hurt by trying to complete the simplest tasks.


It was seen causing several incidents in the overall series of Phineas and Ferb, mainly stopping Doofenshmirtz's evil scheme of the day.

It has been seen in Milo Murphy's Law whenever we see Doofenshmirtz trying to accomplish or simply do something. For example: In "Sick Day" he has good intentions for his new -inators to help people, but Heinz Law prevents it with every -inator failing to accomplish their designed task.

People Affected By It



  • Doofenshmirtz has determined before that he has had bad luck: in Phineas and Ferb episode "Just Our Luck", Heinz invents a Stinkelkrampen-Inator in order to bestow good luck on him ("Stinkelkrampen" being Drusselsteinian for "good luck").
    • In the same episode, he explains that he had discovered that every object has a positive or negative energy field, which he had harnessed for his Inator. The positive and negative energy fields determining an object's luck mirrors the positive and negative probability ions, and how Phineas, Ferb and Milo harness those via the Phineas and Ferb Effect and Murphy's Law.
  • Upon explaining the name "Heinz's Law" to Milo, Melissa and Zack in "Milo's Shadow", Heinz notes how it sounds like coleslaw and made a jingle out of it.
  • It is unknown if having the name "Heinz" matters when having Heinz's Law or if anybody could have it.
  • Much like Joni's relationship with Murphy's Law, Heinz Law seems to have an unusual desire to hurt Zack in the process of damaging Doofenshmirtz.
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