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One bag of pistachios. You'll have to shell them yourself, which makes it the perfect theme park snack. Especially for the guy who has to sweep up around here. And incidentally, that's also me.

— Henry, "Murphy's Lard"

Henry runs the pistachio stand in Lard World.

He is voiced by Thomas Lennon.


While he seems to put effort into his job, Henry has shown himself to get irritated over the fact that customers tend to throw the shells of the pistachios he sells onto the ground, which he then has to sweep up. When Cavendish and Dakota confront him claiming to be sent by corporate, he doesn't seem to believe them, even going as far as to say 'you can't be serious' in response to their lie.

He later graciously admits he was wrong, and even plays his banjo alongside Dakota's clarinet when Cavendish demands to be 'played out' after the stand is destroyed.

Physical Appearance

Henry is a young man with light skin, blue eyes, and prominent freckles. He has blond hair and long bangs that cover the eye on one side of his face.

He wears a work uniform consisting of a candy-striped shirt with cuffed sleeves and a nametag, blue jeans with visible seams, and a stained pink apron. The hat of his uniform looks like a giant pistachio.


In "Murphy's Lard", Dakota told Henry that a corporate sent him and Cavendish to protect his pistachios. After they manage to save the stand from a flying flaming pig sent by Murphy's Law, Murphy's Law brings the pig back after the defensive dome was removed, destroying the stand. Henry then played his banjo alongside Dakota's Clarinet at Cavendish's request to 'play him out'.



“Listen, kid. Corporate sent us to protect these nuts so back off and let us do our job, okay?”
“I didn't even know there was a corporate...”
“There's always a corporate!”
Vinnie Dakota and Henry[src]

“H'mm? So what're you doing tonight?”
—Henry, talking on the phone[src]

“I don't understand this at all. Mea culpa. So sorry. You were a zillion percent right.”


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