The Intellectual Insanity Plea is a Speech and Debate team formed by Melissa that includes herself, Milo, and Zack.


Image Name Position
TSaDLoDaDCTEE (16) Melissa Chase Leader
TSaDLoDaDCTEE (42) Milo Murphy Member of team
TSaDLoDaDCTEE (40) Zack Underwood Member of Team
LydiaInsanity Lydia Member (previously)
BradleyInsanity Bradley Nicholson Member (previously)



  • Bradley and Lydia were supposed to be members of the Intellectual Insanity Plea along with Melissa. The three practiced intensely together, but due to Murphy's Law related injuries, Bradley and Lydia were forced to quit the team. This lead to Melissa recruiting Zack and Milo to join the team.
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