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Jefferson County Middle School is a middle school in Danville attended by Milo Murphy and his friends. It is the home of the football team The Geckos.

There's a marquee at the front of the school; the message changes per episode as a running gag.


Image Name Position
DOMD 47 Elizabeth Milder Principal
Ms Murawski 5 Ms. Murawski Science teacher
Screenshot (3306) Nolan Mitchell Coach (PE teacher)
Safety First (191) Kyle Drako Teacher
Worked Day 15 Ms. White Teacher
MsWhiply Ms. Whipley Music teacher
TSaDLoDaDCTEE (33) Mr. Menke Shop teacher
Ms. Camilichec Math teacher
Mr. Noland Astronomy teacher, possibly
Mrs. Morrison Art teacher
114 the great key keeper Fred Janitor
("The Great Key-Keeper")
TSaDLoDaDCTEE (107) Bill Janitor
Mr. Rahoo Jazz Band Leader


Image Name Position
TSaDLoDaDCTEE (116) Superintendent
TS5 Ms. Baxter Substitute (science)
Mid-Afternoon Snack Club (13) Mr. Blunt Substitute (art)
Screenshot (4415) Mr. Hartoonian Bus driver (school trips)
WWM 257 Ms. Decker Bus driver
DWRS (2) Elliot Decker Volunteer school crossing guard
(Self-proclaimed "Safety Czar", temporary school safety inspector)
SLS (29) Heinz Doofenshmirtz Judge for science fair's Build-A-Bot Contest
(Temporary shadower of Milo)


Milo's class[]

Image Name
Screenshot (3321) Milo Murphy
Screenshot (4418) Melissa Chase
DOMD 77 Zack Underwood
Mid-Afternoon Snack Club (51) Bradley Nicholson
AmandaDidNot1 Amanda Lopez
Mid-Afternoon Snack Club (176) Mort Schaeffer
DWRS (54) Chad Van Coff
Escape (17) Lydia
TS70 Joni

Former students[]

Image Name
13 a flashback Martin Murphy

Other students[]

Main article: Minor Characters/Students

Teams and Clubs[]

Screenshot (3299)

Jefferson County Geckos (sport club)[]

The school's sports team is known as the Geckos, with the mascot being the same animal. Their coach is Nolan Mitchell. There is a general sports team, and an American Football team bearing the name of the Geckos. Both of these have a rivalry with Middletown Middle School's own respective sport teams.

General sport club[]

The Geckos is the general sports team many of the students of Jefferson County Middle School are part of, including Milo, Melissa and Zack. They have a rivalry with the Middletown Middlemen, whose mascot is Murray the Middleman. Wendy appears to be the Middlemen's top athlete that Milo, Melissa and Zack get confronted by the most.


Football team[]

Screenshot (3341)

The Geckos is also the name of the school's football team, which plays every Friday night (which Milo and Melissa don't attend to due to Murphy's Law, having "Not Football" Fridays instead). The team has a rivalry with the Middletown Tigers football team, whose top athletes have been intentionally failed for six years straight and are practically adults while still in the eighth grade.


Marching Band[]

Screenshot (3310)

The school's defunded marching band plays a variety of unusual instruments, including, but not limited to, a banjo, a plastic bucket, and a Didgeridoo. The marching band play music to pep up the football team.


Drama Club[]

Lydia Math Book 3

Three members of the drama club were up late practicing at the school in the episode 'The Math Book'.




Principle Milder's Office[]


Principal Milder's office has very light green walls and a window facing a hallway in the school. She has a large desk with two chairs in front of it and a plant in one corner. Another plant, alongside two photographs and a Matryoshka doll, sits on top of a bookshelf on the wall opposite her desk. There is a framed award hanging from the same wall.


Ms. Murawski's Room[]


Ms. Murawski's room is the science room, and unlike other classrooms in the school, features large desks big enough to fit three people. The desks are each equipped with a sink for science experiments, while the walls are lined with cabinets chalk full of beakers, various experiment components, and a first aid kit. There are a number of safety goggles hanging on the wall and lockers in the back-left corner of the room. There is a closet full of science supplies in the back of the room.

A large, mobile, 'table of elements' is at the back of the room and there are a variety of science-related posters on the walls, including a poster reading 'Science Rules!'. A human skeleton named 'Boney Boy' sits on the side of the room wearing a top hat.

Her chair was handmade, alongside at least one of the pencils used in the classroom.

Ms. Murawski's Desk[]

Screenshot (3188)

Ms. Murawski made her desk herself and has a very deep, seemingly romantic relationship with it. She often caresses it lovingly, speaking of it fondly even when outside of the classroom, and becomes jealous and defensive when others are around it.


Kyle Drako's Room[]


Mr. Drako's room is quite mundane, with a laptop on his desk and a whiteboard behind it. There is a plant on top of a filing cabinet near his desk, thick blinds over the windows, and a number of posters and pamphlets pinned to the corkboards in the back of the room.

Most notably he has a few pictures of his Ex-Wife, Agnes, in the room. The pictures are covered by sheets.




There is a large gymnasium on the school grounds, apparently separate from the school itself. Wide bleachers line the walls on one side.

The school's pep rallies are held here.



The staff of the school is constantly worried about its budget after the school board made the decision to purchase a yacht.

  • This caused them to cut the athletic decathlon and the scholastic decathlon into a single event, now known as the 'Athledecamathalon' ("Athledecamathalon").
  • When Zack asks Principle Milder if they can turn the school lights on she refuses, claiming again that they needed to save money ("The Math Book").
  • Principle Milder has stated that there is no school lunch program, and students must bring their own toilet paper to school ("Some Like it Yacht").


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  • The school was built in 1964.
  • In "Worked Day", the Gecko's logo appears as green instead of yellow on the front of the school.


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