Jeremy Johnson
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Human
Height: Taller than 5ft. 8in.
Nationality: American (British Background)
Hometown: Danville (Family from Wisconsin)
Born: Summer
Professional Information
Slushy Dawg/Burger Employee
  Slushy Dawg
Friends and Family
Jack Johnson (father)
Mrs. Johnson (mother)
Suzy Johnson (younger sister)
Hildegard Johnson (grandmother)
Fred (future son)
Xavier (future son)
Amanda (future daughter)
Phineas Flynn
Ferb Fletcher
Love interests:
Candace Flynn (girlfriend/future wife)
Pets: Suzy's poodle
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Managing Murphy's Law" (voice only)
Voiced by:
Mitchel Musso

Jeremy Johnson is a teenager that works at Slushy Dawg. He is the boyfriend of Candace Flynn.

He is voiced by Mitchel Musso.


Jeremy is a serene and fairly relaxed individual who does not let himself get hung up on the little details.

Physical Appearance

Jeremy has turquoise eyes and light-blond hair. He wears an open green short sleeve shirt over a brown undershirt and a pair of beige cargo shorts.


In "Managing Murphy's Law", he reports a strange device to the authorities and informs Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota about the device. However, the two are affected by the device multiple times, ordering more food and annoying him more.


“Welcome to Slushy Dawg, may I take your order, please?”
—Jeremy Johnson[source]

“It's me, Jeremy. We just met... like, ten minutes ago? Y'know, about the weird glowing junk by the dumpster? Seemed to be making people act strange? We already talked about this!”
—Jeremy to Cavendish and Dakota[source]

“Look, guys - the weird thing you guys came for, the memory messing thing, you have to watch out for it!”
—Jeremy to Cavendish and Dakota[source]



  • His future daughter has the same name as another character in Milo Murphy's Law.
  • He is never actually seen in "Managing Murphy's Law": this may be a reference to how Jeremy was originally not going to be seen on screen in Phineas and Ferb.
    • This makes Jeremy the only main character from Phineas and Ferb not to physically appear in Milo Murphy's Law.

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