Jerry ibx
Gender: Male
Nemesis: Milo Murphy
Professional Information
  The Pistachions
Friends and Family
King Pistachion (father) †
Derek (brother) †
Many Pistachion siblings †
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Missing Milo"
Voiced by:
Dee Bradley Baker
Jerry, we talked about this! I was going to do the zinger!

— King Pistachion to Jerry

Jerry is Pistachion who appears in "Missing Milo". He was created by King Pistachion before the year 2175.

He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


He is quite obedient to his father and loves his cause. His father lectured him for stealing the 'zinger', implying it wasn't the first time he took King Pistachion's punchline. Like his many siblings, Jerry tends to behave much like a teenager.

Physical Appearance

Just like the other Pistachions, Jerry is a giant walking pistachio plant with a large pistachio for a head. He has deep red eyes and sharp teeth.


In "Missing Milo", he survived the llama stampede. He was later removed from the timeline alongside the other Pistachions after the defeat of King Pistachion.



“You wish it was Milo!”
“Jerry, we talked about this! I was gonna do the zinger!”
“Sorry, Dad.”
“Okay. You wish — Yup, see? Moment's gone. You ruined it.”
Jerry and King Pistachion[source]

“Aw, look! That's from Jerry's surprise party! Remember that, Jerry? We all got those —”
—King Pistachion[source]


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