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Nobody cares, Jim.

— A person talking to Jim, "We're Going to the Zoo"

Jim is a police officer who's first speaking role was in "Secrets and Pies". People rarely care about what he has to say.


Jim seems to enjoy sharing random facts and bits of knowledge on various subjects that come up throughout the day. Unfortunately for him, people rarely seem to care and aren't afraid to say so to his face. As a police officer, Jim is often seen doing his job around Danville.

Physical Appearance

Jim is a pale man with grey eyes and a very round face. He has short brown hair and rather prominent brown facial hair, including a beard with a full goatee.

While on duty, Jim wears a full dark blue police uniform but otherwise dresses rather casually. When dressed casually, he wears a dark green polo shirt with a pair of grey jeans with visible seams and a white watch on his right wrist.


In "Going the Extra Milo", he looks on as an oil spill ignites.

In "Worked Day", he is writing a ticket for a car when it and the parking meter are pulled from the ground by an overcharged hospital magnet.

In "Secrets and Pies", he is warning people about a molasses spill.

In "We're Going to the Zoo", he tells a woman at the donation center about the origin of the word "donation". She replies, "Nobody cares, Jim."

In "A Clockwork Origin", he covers his ears after Zack demonstrated his faulty app the first time. Later, Jim talks about C.I.D.D.'s artificial intelligence.

In "The Island of Lost Dakotas", he fights over a megaphone with the mayor at a rededication ceremony.

In "Teacher Feature", he is at the movie theater after it caved in to help with the evacuation.

In "Lady Krillers", he is seen chasing a robber and then congratulating Tobina for stopping the robber.

In "Managing Murphy's Law", he is seen among the officers chasing after Cavendish and Dakota as they drive over the Forget the Llamas, Save the Alpacas benefit concert.


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“Okay, everyone, we got an oil spill here. Highly flammable. Stay back.”
“Hey, mister. That's not oil, that's molasses.”
“Really? Okay then.
...Why didn't you tell me molasses was flammable?”

“I'm four!”
Jim and Concepion[src]

“Did you know that "donation" comes from the Latin word "donare" meaning "to give"?”
“Nobody cares, Jim.”
Jim and Someone else[src]

“You raise an interesting question. Are his feelings real, or has he just been programmed to mimic the emotions of humans? This will raise important ethical questions as artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in our society.”
“Nobody cares, Jim.”
Jim and Someone else[src]


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