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Jose is Basil Bravo's self-proclaimed long-suffering assistant.


Jose refers to himself as Basil's long-suffering assistant and speaks in a worn out and monotonous tone. In direct contrast to Basil's attitude, Jose shows little enthusiasm towards the show or its star.

Physical Appearance

Jose has dark brown hair and matching brown eyes with notable lines beneath them. He wears a desaturated purple short-sleeved shirt with a light blue tie and a pair of brown pants with a black belt.


In "Cake 'Splosion!", Jose assists Basil Bravo in hosting the show. He gives Milo and Amanda liability waivers prior to their participating in Cake 'Splosion and later watches the competition by Basil's side.


“I am Jose, Basil's long-suffering assistant.”

“Please bring these liability waivers home to your families. In extreme baking, things can get... well, "extreme".”



  • He can speak or at least understand Spanish.
  • He is similar to Gretchen.