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I'm just saying that if you can't actually speak the Trashcandroid's binary language then you have no place in this line.

— Josh, "The Doctor Zone Files"

Josh is a Doctor Zone fan. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Josh is a huge Doctor Zone fan, to the point he spends most of his time in costume. A fellow fan accused him of being an 'elitist' after Josh claimed that anyone who couldn't speak the Trashcandroid's Binary language didn't deserve to be in the lineup for the premiere of the movie. He doubted Sara when she claimed that an episode of Dr. Zone was shot on the ranch they were investigating.

Physical Appearance

Josh has olive toned skin and short, curly black hair. His face is covered in stubble. When dressed casually, he wore a white T-shirt, brown pants with visible seams, and grey-brown shoes with white soles. Most of the time, however, Josh dresses in a Doctor Zone costume.


In "The Doctor Zone Files", he attended the premiere of The Doctor Zone Files: The Movie Files. While in line, he argued with a friend about speaking the Trashcandroids' binary language.

In "The Wilder West", he was skeptical when Sara said that the Nowhere Desert Dude Ranch was the shooting location of episode 576 of Doctor Zone. After misinterpreting a comment, he and the others who came to investigate concluded erroneously that it was not.

In "Missing Milo", Josh is working as a cashier at a local grocery store. Zack asked him if he'd seen Milo, to which he cheerfully responds that he hasn't.

In "Fungus Among Us", the Pistachions imprisoned him at Lard World.



“I'm just saying that if you can't actually speak the Trashcandroid's binary language then you have no place in this line.”
“Oh, don't be such an elitist, Josh.”
Josh and a fellow Doctor Zone fan[src]

“Hey guys! Wait, I thought... I thought we were dressing up.”

“Are you sure? I mean this could be any wall.”
“Josh, why can't you accept it? This is the actual wall!”
Josh and Sara[src]

“And through some of you may have doubted me... Josh. My instincts never let me down. I knew this was the very dirt where they shot Doctor Zone!”
—Sara Murphy[src]


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Season Two



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