Judge Concentric Circles
JudgeConcentric CirclesFull.
Gender: Unknown
Alias: *Circle Guy (by Dakota)
Species: Alien
Professional Information
  Bureau of Time Travel
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Snow Way Out"
Voiced by:
Brock Powell

Judge Concentric Circles is the judge that decides Cavendish and Dakota's fate.


He seems to be calm and only "talks" when needed.

Physical Appearance

His head, as indicated by his name, is made up of a big circle with a lot of yellow, red and blue circles within that share the same axis. This head is being circled by smaller, similar coaxial circles in the colors red, green and yellow, and red, green and white, respectively. All three circles are completely flat and light up when he speaks.

He wears a black robe with red outlines. The robe also has a light green diamond on it.


In "Snow Way Out", he listens and watches Cavendish and Dakota's evidence that they were only breaking the agency rules to save the world alongside Mr. Block and the Alien Llama Judge. When it is revealed that Dakota altered the timeline hundreds of time, it is he who decides what their punishment is.




  • He speaks in made-up gibberish.
  • Dakota calls him "that circle guy".
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