Karma is an spiritual concept that originated in India, suggesting that an individual's decisions, both good and bad are to be justified with the universe rewarding or punishing them. It has become a recurring theme in Milo Murphy's Law.


"Going the Extra Milo"

Milo and Zack were on a quest to get to school on time, and lost their school lunches in the process. Many students thought Milo and Zack would be late for school, and bet their lunches on it. Milo and Zack ended up arriving on time, so everyone had to give them what they wagered.

"The Doctor Zone Files"

Sara worries that Milo will inadvertently cause the tickets to become lost or destroyed; however, she ends up losing them when calming down the crowd outside the movie theater.

"We're Going to the Zoo"

Bradley tantalized a tower of giraffes, by holding out a carrot and refusing to feed them. They were then startled by the chaos, surrounding Milo Murphy, which caused them to stampede and knock over the platform Bradley was standing on.

"Disaster of My Dreams"

Elliot was assigned a trial run by Principal Milder, but abandons it to follow Milo around, to observe Murphy's Law. As a result, he gets caught up in the effects of Murphy's Law and makes him responsible for the damage of Principal Midler's car, costing him the job he wanted from her.

"Perchance to Sleepwalk"

Brick and Savannah get Cavendish and Dakota demoted from pistachio duty, just so they could make the pair look incompetent unable to do a simple task. However when the two are assigned as their replacements, they get chased off by a bear.

"World Without Milo"

Elliot wishes Milo was never born, but soon realizes his life as a crossing guard is boring without Murphy's Law.

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