Pile in, boys! Time to take this show on the road.

— King Pistachion, "Missing Milo"


King Pistachion's Time Machine was a time machine used by King Pistachion during his reign.


King Pistachion's time machine is a bright green, futuristic looking, vehicle with the ability to travel through time. It has a very sleek design, with an exposed engine sticking out of the front, two light blue headlights, and a large, curving leaf-like design running along the sides and off the back of the vehicle.

Instead of wheels, the time machine has two large, purple-glowing spheres in the back and a single sphere front and center, beneath the engine. The vehicle has a door in the back and a long, shaded windshield that opens to reveal the interior.


The interior has a wide front seat and an identical backseat. The front seat has a grey steering wheel with two handles and fits King Pistachion and at least two other Pistachions beside him. The back seat fits at least four Pistachions. The interior is a deep blue in color, with many green, angular designs covering the ceiling.


In "Missing Milo", King Pistachion decides to use his time machine after Cavendish, Dakota, and Milo escape in the Time Limo. He chases them back in time, eventually landing in the time of the Llama incident with disastrous results. Finally, the Pistachions use the vehicle to get to Milo's time, where they confront him while protecting King Pistachion's sapling. The vehicle vanishes alongside the Pistachions when the sapling is destroyed and the timeline is fixed.



“Oh, cool, it’s dad’s time machine!”
—A Pistachion[source]

“Pile in, boys! Time to take this show on the road.”
—King Pistachion[source]


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