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Krillhunter is an action movie franchise that first appeared in the ep "Star Struck". It surrounds the various adventures of a man, the eponymous Krillhunter, as he hunts the alien krill.


  • Krillhunter
  • Krillhunter II: Krilling Me Softly
  • Krillhunter III: Psycho Kriller
  • Krillhunter 4: Krill Bill 2
  • Krillhunter 5: The Beverly Krillbillies
  • Krillhunter 6: House On Haunted Krill
  • Krillhunter 7: Licensed to Krill
  • Krillhunter 8: Good Krill Hunting
  • Krillhunter IX (unnamed)
  • Krillhunter X (unnamed)
  • Krillhunter XI (unnamed)
  • Krillhunter XII (unnamed)
  • Krillhunter XIII (unnamed)
  • Krillhunter XIV: Krill or be Krilled (announced then cancelled)
  • Krillhunter 14: We Don't Know What We're Doing
  • (unnumbered Krillhunter): The Day The Earth Stood Krill
  • Krillhunter: Lady Krillers (reboot)
  • Krilligans Island (possible spin-off TV show)




  • Scandinavian (unnamed)
  • unnamed Director
  • Reggie



  • Milo claims he is taught by the franchise that "When something's in your way, it's not a problem, it's a challenge!"
  • Milo has mistaken a few movie titles and numbers before the introduction in "Lady Krillers":
    • Krillhunter II is called Krilling Me Softly instead of Time to Krill.
    • Krillhunter V is called The Beverly Krillbillies instead of The Krilling Floor. ("Star Struck")
    • He has seen Krillhunter 7: Krilling Me Softly while in fact, it is Krillhunter II. ("Snow Way Out")
  • There are several reactions from the fans throughout the franchise:
    • Being loved with Krillhunter I and II
    • Being mildly amused by Krillhunter III and IV
    • Being dissatisfied starting from Krillhunter V, particularly VIII: Good Krill Hunting.
    • Being thoroughly confused by Krillhunter XIV: We Don't Know What We're Doing.
  • Seemingly the quality of the Krillhunter movies are decreasing to sequel to sequel.
  • The reboot of Krillhunter: Lady Krillers may possibly be a jab to the Disney Live Action reboots considering some of the characters have a gender diversity and the script.