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Lardee boy
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  Lard World
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  "Family Vacation"
Hey! It's Lardee Boy! Official mascot of Lard World, beloved by children everywhere!

— Milo Murphy, "Fungus Among Us"

Lardee Boy is the mascot of Lard World. While he seems to be intended as the lovable face of the theme park, the public appears to hold mixed feelings towards him.

Physical Appearance

Lardee Boy is a large mascot appearing to be a young boy within a lard container. He has a very friendly face, with large round cheeks and an upturned nose alongside freckles and a single tooth. Lardee Boy has curly brown hair and wears a little propeller hat in the colors red, blue, and yellow, with a white propeller. Blue sleeves can be seen sticking out of the container.

His lard container is white, with a large rim. The words on the front read 'LARDEE BOY!' in white letters on a gooey red background, and a stripe resembling bacon runs around the container horizontally.


In "Family Vacation", Milo spotted Lardee Boy's image on the Lard World sign as he was pointing out different attractions while the Brulees headed to meet up with his folks.

In "Murphy's Lard", Lardee Boy appeared in the lard world theme song and throughout the episode. Eventually, Murphy's Law sent Lardee Boy's head into space, where it was accidentally hit by an alien spaceship that sent it back to Earth.

In "Backward to School Night", Murphy’s Law caused Lardee Boy to roll all over the JCMS ball field, chasing Milo and his friends.

In "Fungus Among Us", Lardee Boy had been replaced by a huge Pistachion. Thinking it was the real Lardee Boy, Milo ran up and hugged him, only to discover the giant Pistachion within.


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“And there's Lard World with Lardee Boy out front!”
“Sharing his signature brand of enthusiasm.”
“Lardee Boy? Cool!”
Milo Murphy and Charlene and Sharon Brulee[source]

“♪ Welcome, everyone, to Lard World ♪
♪ Lard is slippery, greasy fun ♪
♪ Rendered fat that comes from piggies ♪
♪ Welcome, welcome everyone ♪
♪ Lardee Boy is here to greet you ♪”
“Hi, my name is Lardee Boy!”
“♪ If you play his lard-themed games ♪
♪ You're sure to win a lard-themed toy ♪”

Lard World Theme Song, with a line from Lardee Boy[source]

“Did we just hit Lardee Boy's head?”
The Aliens upon hitting Lardee Boy's head with their ship[source]



  • So far he's had only a single line, heard in the Lard World theme song ("Murphy's Lard").
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