Laura Murphy
Gender: Female
Friends and Family
Joey Murphy (husband)
Nate Murphy (son)
Reggie (possibly, mentioned)
Grandma Murphy (mother-in-law)
Grandpa Murphy (father-in-law)
Martin Murphy (brother-in-law)
Brigette Murphy (sister-in-law)
Milo Murphy (nephew)
Sara Murphy (niece)
Reggie (possibly, mentioned)
Sheriff Murphy, lives in 1875, †
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "A Christmas Peril"
Voiced by:
Grey Griffin
And I thought Milo was upbeat!

— Zack about Laura and Joey

Laura Murphy is the wife of Joey Murphy, mother of Nate Murphy, aunt of Milo and Sara, and sister-in-law to Martin and Brigette. Much like her husband, she has an extremely optimistic personality.

She is voiced by Grey Griffin.


Like most Murphys, Laura is a very optimistic person and tends to take the challenges of Murphy's Law with a positive attitude and a strong sense of adventure. Much like her husband, she seems to lack any fear or doubt when faced with potential dangers, even taking it a step further to the point of being overly cheerful in any bad situation.

She has a strong love for her family and seems to find her son's denial of having Murphy's Law amusing, claiming it to be adorable.

Physical Appearance

Laura has turquoise eyes, light skin, and black, shoulder-length hair. During "A Christmas Peril", she wore a light pink winter jacket with a black and purple checkered skirt, matching knee-high boots, and a pair of purple earmuffs.


In "A Christmas Peril", Milo meets Laura and Joey at a dock as they arrive off of the boat they were traveling on, which promptly sinks. The group then tries to make their way home, and eventually end up at a mall, where they're reunited with the other Murphys for a Christmas Eve dinner.



“Or the year the cat got into the Christmas tree and ran through the neighborhood, dragging it behind him? Ah! That was my favourite. That was cute.”
—Laura Murphy[source]


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